Wrist Straps for Lifting in Bodybuilding: Pros and Cons

wrist straps

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So to use wrist straps for lifting during training or not? The basis of strength training aimed at muscle hypertrophy is the exercise to failure or a condition close to it. Failure of the target muscle group, the target one, and not the secondary assistant.

What if not to use wrist straps for lifting

During the execution of various pulls on the back muscles, the inability to continue the exercise is often due to a weak grip, the bar simply falls out of the hands, the set is complete, and it is completed to failure.

Failure of what? Even if you manage to hold the barbell at your fingertips and complete the set, then, in this case, the quality of the moves decreases.

wrist straps for lifting

Why? Because the finger flexors work in a static mode, which leads to acidification, fatigue increase, and failure as quickly as possible.

In other words, your nervous system is forced to resist this very growing fatigue in another muscle group, robbing the target muscle. Moreover, if you work in a dynamic (with relaxation) mode in rows or the set is relatively short, the acidification in the target muscle is not high, and after 1.5-2.0 minutes, you are ready for a new set. Forearms just have little time for deoxidation, they are stone and the second working set, it would seem, should pass no worse than the first, but no, it does not, because wrist straps for lifting are absent. ⠀⠀

The use of straps in muscle building

In powerlifting, according to the rules of the competition, it is forbidden to use wrist straps, but in bodybuilding weight lifting is not the goal, it is just a tool for muscle development. And therefore, if the belts are needed for the full implementation of the exercises, then this is the right device. It is foolish not to bring back exercises to severe fatigue due to a weak grip. And if someone cares about a weak grip, then develop grip strength. Simple, isn’t it?

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