Why Fat Burning Workout Does Not Work

fat burning workout

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Here is our opinion on the mythical fat burning workout for 15-20 reps. We will not touch upon the sources of these errors, and therefore will talk immediately on the case.

Although, why not? As a rule, bodybuilders in the last weeks of preparation for competitions switch to multi-repetition training, namely these weeks show the maximum reduction in fat. The wrong model is being built – the number of repetitions is greater. Therefore the amount of fat is less. In fact, this is caused by a huge deficit in caloric intake, the use of diuretics, and the restriction of salt intake. And the training is of such a nature because it is already impossible to increase muscle mass in these couple of weeks, as they say – that it has grown, and working with large weights becomes extremely traumatic due to the above manipulations.

So, the change in body weight is determined by the energy balance, and everyone knows this. The goal of a sports diet is to reduce body fat and preserve muscle mass.

The fat burning workout is a myth

fat loss training
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The usual diet is focused on reducing body weight, and in this case, you just need to spend more energy than you consume or consume less than you spend. Any deficiency of energy will lead to a decrease in body weight due to fat and muscle mass. What do you think, if muscle glycogen reserves are low, and we are training in volume (a lot) and hard (intensively), then where will the energy come from in the absence of oxygen? That’s right, from our own muscles. Our goal is to minimize muscle tissue loss, and this is achieved by manipulating two variables – the volume and intensity of training, which we already wrote about.

For muscle growth, as well as maintaining the available volumes, it is necessary to create the same conditions that will cause mechanical and metabolic stress (the value of metabolic stress, i.e., acidification is still being discussed by scientists).

From the point of view of energy consumption in training, we did not find any intelligible studies showing a significant difference depending on the training regimen (high-repetitive or low-repetitive and others). The balance of energy and, as a consequence, the reduction in fat mass is a 90% well-built diet.

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