What to Eat Before Early Morning Workout

what eat before morning workout

Are there any features in the early morning workout? In training, no, but in nutrition, there are some. It is unlikely that any of us will choose the training time based on circadian rhythms, and we are mainly guided by the daily routine. Should I have breakfast if there are only an hour and a half between waking up and training (a typical story)?

Should you eat before morning workout?

Muscle glycogen (a compact form of glucose storage) is the source for the synthesis of ATP under anaerobic exercise (almost any training regimen for hypertrophy). Liver glycogen maintains blood glucose in an appropriate range for brain nutrition. When gaining muscle or reducing fat mass, you MUST provide the brain with glucose to maintain proper performance, and muscles to perform physical activity.

The source for glycogen replenishment is carbohydrate foods. Early in the morning, we wake up with low blood sugar, which suggests that blood glucose was used during sleep by tissues that required it. So to have breakfast? It’s mandatory, but with what? Carbohydrates with low GI (buckwheat, pearl barley, etc.) in this case are unlikely to have time to provide the body with glucose, and you should not count on re-digesting food during training, because the sympathetic nervous system that inhibits digestion is activated. Various sweets in the form of chocolates or pastries are also not the best option, because they usually contain a fairly high amount of fat, which will slow down the rate of digestion and the delivery of glucose into the blood. Just eating sugar and drinking water is also not an option, since a sharp increase in blood glucose is followed by adequate secretion of insulin, which gives only a brief increase in performance and its subsequent decrease.

workout morning or evening

Medium and high GI carbohydrates are ideal for providing energy for the upcoming morning workout. If you train your whole body in one workout in the evening, and the next day you do the same thing in the morning, then, of course, after an evening workout, you need to eat carbohydrate foods to replenish muscle glycogen reserves, because breakfast will not solve this issue. The combination of carbohydrates with an ordinary protein food (and/or fat) will significantly slow down the rate of digestion of food and, as a result, obtaining the energy that we need in an hour and a half, and this is not an option. What is the output? For example, a small portion of oatmeal of the finest grinding with sweet raisins or ripe banana (as an option), well, or a portion of a gainer.

In general, if skipping breakfast or not ideal does not affect the quality of the workout, in the direction of its deterioration, then this will not negatively affect the implementation of the tasks. Of course, with sufficient consumption of all the necessary nutrients and structural substances in the body after the morning exercise.

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