Wearing a Mask While Running During Quarantine

wearing a mask while running

As you know, the quarantine is almost in every country, that’s why all the governments have tightened the quarantine rules. It is forbidden to visit parks, squares, recreation areas, sports, and playgrounds. In addition, now you can’t be in public places without a mask. So what about wearing a mask while running?

Is running outside legal?

wearing a face mask while running

Given all these restrictions, you need to understand that running is not prohibited, but there are a number of strict restrictions that must be observed:

  • Running is allowed: on the streets along the sidewalks, in the forest, along the tracks, and on the roads;
  • Running is prohibited: in parks, squares, recreation areas, at stadiums (sports grounds), in forest parks and coastal areas;
  • There are cities where running without a mask is prohibited everywhere except forests;
  • You can run in a group of no more than two people;
  • You must have an identification document with you (passport/driver’s license/ID card).

And here the question arises – the runners were already “unsettled” during the quarantine period, so now you can’t run anywhere now, but wherever you can, you need to be masked. Failure to comply with quarantine rules will hit your pocket. In general, jogging on the street even during a pandemic is not a bad thing, but even good for immunity, given the distance and running alone. But the rule with masks raises the question of whether it is ok – wearing a mask while running?

“These innovations should tell athletes and all other people that the situation is really serious. We need to think about our individual actions, about how they will affect us and the people around us.”

Matt Ferrari, a researcher at the Center for the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases

Wearing a mask while running

mask while running

The mask does not protect you. It protects other people from you. And according to the doctors, there is no need for a mask if there is absolutely nobody near you. That is, you need to find a quiet, uninhabited place that is not subject to restrictions (for example, some kind of forest), and there you can run without a mask (most importantly, there should NOT be ANYONE close by). This is the case if you are uncomfortable wearing a mask while running (and most runners are really uncomfortable running in it. Moreover, it becomes wet almost immediately and must be disposed of).

At the same time, you should understand that on the way to your running route, you can be in public places, meet other people, so you should definitely wear a mask. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting on an administrative protocol and a fine, and nobody needs it.

That is, you must have a mask with you and wear it in public places (while running on the street along the sidewalk, you don’t need to wear a mask, but in the courtyard of the house, in the entrance, at the bus stop, it is mandatory).

why wear a mask when running

It is also important to remember the rules for using the mask. You must understand that when you go for a run, you should have at least two masks with you – one in which you will get to your route, and the second in which you will go home. This is because a wet mask cannot be used twice. And still, it is necessary to remove and put it on correctly.

At the same time, health professor David Niman argues that wearing a buff can also help runners in the current environment. Buffs cover the mouth and nose and help keep droplets so dangerous at the moment. If you are used to running in buffs, then you can continue to run wearing them, it is also safe (although explaining this to police officers can be a little more difficult).

Remember that the mask should fit snugly to the nose and mouth, it should not be touched after you put it on, and immediately after use, it must either be disposed of (if disposable) or washed (if reusable).

In any case, the most reliable way of protection at the moment is social distance – stay away from other people, and if you go for a run – look for the most deserted places for this, and make sure that these places do not fall into the “public” category, otherwise if you without a mask – there will be problems.

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