Tips on How to Keep Calm During Coronavirus


Coronavirus scares, angers, annoys and infuriates. Stress is a huge problem for people of all ages: children may have trouble sleeping, their parents may have problems with nutrition, and grandparents may have an exacerbation of chronic diseases. The Lion Health have gathered some tips from the World Health Organization and relevant experts on how to worry less.

Tips for coronavirus

#1. You need to put your phone on a shelf and get distracted from coronavirus

Of course, this is very difficult to do, especially for people who regularly read the news and suffer from FOMO syndrome – fear of missing out, literally “fear that you are missing something.” Promise yourself that after reading these coronavirus tips, you’ll take the phone away at least for a while.

#2. Take care of your body

Take a deep breath, stretch or meditate. Yes, we regularly hear advice on eating healthy foods, constantly doing sports, sleeping, not smoking cigarettes, and not drinking alcohol. During a pandemic, these tips become several times more relevant. Quarantine is an excellent reason to take care of your body. Order delivery of a sports rug, do simple exercises at home, monitor your diet and try to quit smoking. In addition, after quitting smoking, the lungs recover very quickly.

#3. Take time to relax

Everything is simple here – you need to do those things that you love. Do you know how to play a musical instrument, but forgot about it? It’s time to catch up. Drew at school? Why not try again. And why not learn Italian, for example.

#4. Communicate with loved ones (not only about coronavirus symptoms)

Call your friends and relatives, discuss other personal issues, a future vacation or a new series. No wonder now almost all have a video connection. But, please, try not to talk about coronavirus issues.

#5. Think of others

Do not redistribute information about the COVID-19 without being convinced of its reliability. This will make it easier for everyone.

#6. Believe in science

Believe us, the current situation is temporary. Scientists from around the world are developing a vaccine that will help curb the spread of coronavirus. The world has never been so well prepared for a pandemic as it is today.

Children and adolescents are particularly keen on what their parents and others see. Therefore, here are separate coronavirus tips for parents.

Talk with the children about the coronavirus (but only once)

Yes, it’s better to discuss coronavirus less, but the child needs to talk with you about everything at the level at which he will understand, and share the facts about what is happening. But do not discuss all the news about the virus in the presence of a child. Children may misinterpret what they hear and be afraid of what they do not understand. It’s also worth telling why it is important to wash your hands and not touch your face.

Try to keep your usual order at home

If schools are closed, make a plan for training and additional classes, recreation, a plan for sharing movies. Taste a cup of your favorite coffee. Unlike coronavirus its effect is already well-studied. This will help you and your children get distracted.

Be a role model

The easiest way to avoid coronavirus stress in the family is to show children how to act in a stressful situation. The rules that we wrote about above work here: take breaks, hide the phone, exercise at home, eat well and communicate with loved ones.