The Best Exercise for Latissimus Dorsi

best exercises for the latissimus dorsi

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The question of which exercise for latissimus dorsi is the most effective for hypertrophy of this particular muscle group is asked very often. We always say that there is definitely no better or worse one. Otherwise, everyone would perform the same exercises and have huge muscles. Moreover, several muscles and/or heads of one muscle group take part in each mechanical movement. That’s why you may involuntarily wonder why it is so difficult to construct our muscle apparatus. Probably due to the variety of biomechanical functions.

So, scientists, with the help of electromyography (EMG), tried to answer the question of which exercise for latissimus dorsi involves a particular muscle group to a greater extent.

The best workout for latissimus dorsi according to studies

Here are the results of research by the famous scientist Bret Contreras and John Porcari published in the American Council on Exercises.

The latissimus dorsi originates in the scapular, vertebral, costal, and iliac parts, and is attached to the crest of the small tubercle of the humerus.

workouts for latissimus dorsi
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Unfortunately, the set of tested exercises differed in these studies, but in general, for the lats, the rating of the best exercises looks like this: pull-ups with a wide grip, pull the bar to the belt in a slope and pull-ups with an average back grip on the crossbar.

Scientists’ recommendations for workouts for latissimus dorsi are as follows: if there is enough time/effort for only one exercise for latissimus dorsi, then stop at wide pull-ups with direct or medium back grip, and if for two, then pull-ups and pulls in an inclination, moreover, these exercises perfectly load almost all the muscles of the back.

These studies once again confirm that different exercises for the lats are needed to work out the muscular complex of the back. It is also noted that the degree of activation of the same groups individually varies. For example, the thrust of the upper block is considered an exercise for the widest, but for someone, their activation in this exercise was negligible. This may be due to insufficient concentration on the work of target muscle groups, as well as due to genetic characteristics.

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