Spot Reduction of Fat: Is it Possible?

spot reduction of fat

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In my opinion, everyone who could have already spoken out about spot reduction of fat and now I will do it. I’ll save time for those who are looking for a way to burn fat on their bellies, although by flicking a finger on the keyboard, frowning brows and understanding the essence, they will definitely increase energy consumption and, possibly, will lose weight in the area of ​​a poking finger and eyebrows, but this is not certain.

The most interesting thing is that people sincerely believe in the theory of spot reduction of fat.

I remember how I performed several hundreds of repetitions on the abdominal muscles during one workout, which burned with fire and from which norepinephrine went directly to the fat cell above it, activating lipolysis and mobilizing fat.

I must admit that I did this on a low-calorie diet, with a bunch of cardio and a sincere belief in success, and, of course, I began to notice that as if with a certain viewing angle at noon in clear weather, in some mirrors I seemed to lose more fat, than before. It is not surprising that my imagination did not finish the picture of target fat burning for a long time.

fat burn
IG: @dickersonross

Actually, I used to sincerely believe in miraculous methods of fat burning, and even in pre-Internet times, I wrapped myself with a film before cardio for the same purposes and also almost seemed to see a wonderful result. Well, okay with the past, but what about the present?

Science about spot reduction of fat

It turns out that this topic has been studied in detail for a long time, and no spot reduction of fat was recorded anywhere, more precisely, it was noted in one languid experiment, but its scope can be safely rounded to zero.

In reality, against the background of energy deficiency, the body sends hormones in search of energy substrates for its creation and, unfortunately, they are sent to no specific address, for example, in fat on the belly. Then the mobilized fat in the form of fatty acids is sent to the place of their burning.

Simplified fat burning looks like this: lack of energy – fat enters the blood – fat is burned. In short, despite the attractiveness of spot reduction of fat today, its real existence has not been confirmed, and practice shows the same thing.

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