Set-Point Theory: Your Key to Lean Body

set-point theory

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Set-point theory suggests that your body, or rather the brain, has its own idea of ​​what percentage of body fat is optimal for you, and it was proposed by Kennedy in 1953. In the 1990s, after the discovery of leptin, the set-point theory began to find confirmation.

What is set-point?

It is assumed that there is a genetically determined percentage of body fat that your body seeks to maintain. We call it genetics. Everyone saw families where mom and (or) dad are inclined to be overweight, and the child looks like their younger copy. According to scientists, the set-point may be affected by your mother’s nutritional behavior during pregnancy and the hormonal background formed under his influence.

We consider people with moderate to low fat percentages to be the genetically lucky ones, and the abs cubes viewed are the dream of millions. This is the current trend of the last 50 years, and before that, for several million years it was different, the opposite, and if now the beauties with viewed cubes of the abs live fine (due to Instagram, etc.), then thousands of years ago they did not live in any way, they were dying of exhaustion.

The set-point theory

set-point weight
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In short, to date, scientists believe that it is almost impossible to reprogram set-points to lower values, and to higher values ​​is possible in childhood and adolescence by overfeeding (this has also been seen many times). It is important to know that this concept refers to healthy people, and the set-point was not invented by nature in order to complicate life on a low-calorie diet but to ensure a satisfactory state of health and survival. But it is it who is responsible for returning the original weight and percentage of fat after refusing to restrict calorie intake.

A real-life example of set-point theory

I have been eating everything for almost three months, with virtually no training. In the first week, I ate everything that wasn’t pinned and gained a few kilograms, by the middle of the second week my appetite had decreased and by the end of the month I began to eat even less, not counting calories. By the percentage of fat in the mirror, I saw myself twenty years old. Set-point exists.

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