Science: Don’t Use Forced Reps Too Often. See Why

forced rep range for hypertrophy

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Forced Reps (FR) is a method of increasing intensity in bodybuilding. You may have noticed that in bodybuilding, almost all methods try to solve one main problem – to lift a lot of weight to provide high mechanical tension and, at the same time, in a relatively large number of repetitions to create proper metabolic stress. In short, to do what nature does not envisage is to raise a lot and for a long time.

What is a forced rep?

The essence of the forced reps method is the minimal assistance of the partner, who, in the last 1-3 repetitions, helps to overcome the so-called dead point in the concentric phase of the movement (positive phase, projectile lift), thereby prolonging the approach time. In the eccentric phase (negative phase, lowering the projectile), the assistance of a partner is not required, since this phase of movement always shows great maximum strength and, according to the results of a study published in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, exceeds the concentric one by 20%.

forced reps for hypertrophy
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Given that, from the point of view of modern science, the value of the negative phase of movement in terms of muscle hypertrophic response is slightly higher, this method gives us the opportunity to equalize the time useful work in both phases of movement. Scientific studies have shown that in response to forced repetitions, higher secretion of growth hormone occurs, but, as you know, this does not affect the extent of muscle growth. Scientists suggest that forced repetition can enhance a hypertrophic stimulus by increasing fatigue of motor units and increasing metabolic stress.

How to implement forced reps in a workout plan

We recommend using forced reps in the last set of each exercise, performed in the range of 6-12 repetitions, not more than one time for each muscle group per month.

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