Pre-Workout Complex: Is it Harmful?

Pre-workout complex

When purchasing any supplement, the question arises – what will it give me, is it working, and is it harmful? Fair questions, despite the fact that the effect of some additives and pre-workout complex, including, we can feel almost immediately after taking it.

A bit of common sense and no research. Sports results have a close relationship with the amount of work done, and every athlete knows this, but we are talking about quality work, i.e., with a given intensity (weight) or speed. Feel what are we leading to?

Well, of course, to the fact that muscle size, strength, speed, endurance, etc. do not grow from taking any supplement until its use will allow us to work out the planned training volume more qualitatively (with more weight, in more repetitions) or increase it. In practice, we know that doing exercises with a lot of weight leads to more hypertrophy in the same way as more repetitions or sets (as part of common sense).

Science about pre-workout complex

Well, now to the issue of pre-workout complex performance. They (pre-workout complexes) work unambiguously because they perform their main function 100% – improving performance through the ingredients that make up their composition, namely caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline, and creatine. As for the safety of pre-workout complexes, the use within 28 days did not allow to fix side effects for clinical markers of the blood of the kidneys and liver, heart rate at rest, or blood pressure.

If we distract from research, then we recommend using the pre-workout complex on those days when you have really hard and / or voluminous training, on those days when there is no mood for training, but its absence (mood) is not a result of the central nervous system’s lack of recovery. Then you get the maximum effect without any side effects.

Optimum Nutrition (the widely-known supplement brand) does not recommend exceeding the initial recommended dosage, i.e., one scoop of the pre-workout complex and taken 20-30 minutes before training.