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If you have any professional skill, you can 100% earn with it on the Internet. In this article, we will look at 4 ways to boost your personal trainer salary on the Internet. We will not talk about the banal side jobs available to each student but will tell you how to use your knowledge wisely in practice.

How to Increase Personal Trainer Salary Online

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Method 1. Individual fitness consultations

A popular service among network users is Internet training. People do not always want to pay for a visit to the gym and prefer to train at home using improvised equipment. This allows them to save a lot of time and money, while the need for advice from an experienced trainer increases.

As a personal trainer online, you can provide the following services:

  • Drawing up the optimal nutrition program in compliance with the balance of macros. It is desirable to describe in detail all meals, give recipes;
  • Development of a training program for the gym and for home. You need to make a list of exercises, detail their technique of execution;
  • Recommendations for taking sports supplements. Prescribe the optimal course of taking supplements to the client, tell them about the features of sports nutrition.

Drawing up an individual training program tailored for a specific person costs around $200. Further consultations with the correction of the workout plan and nutrition – from $15.

Yes, of course, they can find a ready-made free training scheme, but there are more and more people who understand the difference between a custom-made suit and a faceless mass production.

Fitness via the Internet is a modern, demanded, and profitable form of earnings.

How can an Internet trainer find clients?
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You can find new customers on social networks by posting ads to sports publishers. Choose popular groups with an active audience, do not fall for the number of subscribers (these can be bots). Be prepared that you will have to pay for advertising, as you can only receive applications if you invest. In order to have a greater response, you can offer a free consultation to everyone who contacted.

You can also negotiate partnerships with some communities. In groups with great activity, you can suggest holding something like “an evening with an expert.” Let people ask you questions about training, and you answer them. This will allow you to express yourself and significantly increase confidence as well as your personal trainer salary.

A more effective method of attracting customers is your own group or blog. You can also advertise it for money + you will need to spend time creating content. In your posts, try to help your customers: open some secrets. This will show everyone that you are a professional and they will be interested in buying advice.

To make it easier to sell your online training – you can make a business card website. Do not worry. Modern site designers allow you to build a site without much effort. The main thing is to describe in detail why you are so good and why a person should buy a consultation from you.

To do this, describe your work experience, your achievements, and the achievements of your customers. Be sure to add photos. This will increase confidence in you.

Sports groups on social networks are an ideal place to promote yourself as a personal online trainer.

Method 2. Create a channel on YouTube and Instagram

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If you are ready to regularly shoot quality content, go to these platforms. Since it’s fashionable to keep a healthy lifestyle, channels with fitness content are popular. For YouTube, it’s enough to create a channel with interesting exercises. Call it, for example, “online trainer: training for girls” and shoot stories about women’s training 2-3 times a week. Dilute content with humorous videos, sketches, nutrition tips, TOPs for beginners, and so on will help you increase personal trainer salary.

The site has its own monetization system. It only works with a large number of subscribers and views. Therefore, sports bloggers make money on advertising. They can recommend a company to their subscribers or advertise a channel. Even for a beginner YouTuber, the cost of such advertising is from 1-2 thousand dollars.

Use a similar approach to Instagram. Profiles like “fitness trainer online” are updated daily with short videos. Create beautiful collections of sports photos and give quick tips to beginners. Promoted bloggers can take products for advertising, publicize their colleagues, recommend sportswear brands, stores with fresh and healthy products. The price of such a post is from 100 to 100 thousand dollars.

YouTube and Instagram are the most promising platforms for promoting your fitness channel on the Internet.

Method 3. Online weight loss marathons


If you have your own popular channel, go on to conduct online marathons on social networks. The principle of such an event is simple. The trainer announces entry to the marathon and assigns an entrance fee (usually symbolic, not more than $100). As soon as the group is recruited, classes begin.

The online trainer daily gives a task to group members. Usually, a day consists of a recipe for a diet dish and a set of exercises. All participants must report at the end of the day on the results achieved. In order for the project to be most effective, the organizer must monitor the completion of the assignment, monitor the results of the participants, and, if necessary, encourage or give useful advice.

At the end of the marathon, people compare their results. The winners receive a small prize – a set of sports nutrition from the sponsor or a discount on the next marathon. An example of a well-organized marathon is Crazy Cutting. This is a major project with regular joint cutting. Participants rely on very tidy prizes, and the creators themselves earn decent money.

Of course, the fee for participating in such a project is colossal – about 3-4 thousand dollars. Not everyone is ready to participate in such expensive marathons. Therefore, in small projects, it is better to set a symbolic board. However, you can attract sponsors, promote your blog or personal group.

Online marathons – another type of earnings for a fitness specialist.

Personal Trainer Salary Boosting Method #4. Creating online fitness courses


Online fitness courses are a source of additional passive income to the personal trainer salary. You need to draw up a course once, after which you can sell it for several years on different platforms.

Course requirements to grow your personal trainer salary

When creating an online course, do not rely only on the text – dilute its multimedia. For example, if you are planning an exercise program, add a video with the right technique. Write a recipe for a healthy and tasty dish – take photos of each stage. Buy a high-quality video camera and a professional microphone. Even if this is your first course, it should look perfect.

A good course is always the intersection of theory and practice. Training from an online trainer requires an integrated approach. Instead of just listing the exercises, tell how they work, which muscles are involved.

Follow the next plan:

  1. Choose the most popular and relevant topic of our time. Modern fashion dictates a thin waist, large buttocks, and a fragile top;
  2. Teach your subscribers on how to achieve a similar result;
  3. Set an adequate price;
  4. Rate the solvency of your audience. If the course is designed for teenage girls, sell it cheaper. For adult ladies – more expensive.

Fitness trainers can make money on the Internet in hundreds of different ways. Pick your own technique!

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