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We continuously talk about how different women’s bodies can be and what stories are behind the changes in appearance. While some girls lose weight in order to get closer to the “glossy” standard, others enjoy gaining muscle mass. One such example is Natasha Aughey.

Who is Natasha Aughey?

We invite you to meet another impressive athlete: twenty-seven-year-old Canadian Natasha Aughey.

She began to engage in sports in high school actively and, in a few years, became one of the leading fitness divas on Instagram – more than a million people subscribed to the girl’s account.

Natasha’s Instagram is not very inventive – mostly, these are photos of the girl during, before, or after training, as well as shots from professional filming and selfies taken in the bathroom.

We advise you to remember that women can lift a barbell under 200 kilograms – if Natasha can handle this, you can do it as well.

Personal Data

Date of BirthMarch 18, 1993
Place of BirthCanada, Ottawa
Height167.5 cm
Weight56.7 – 61.2 kg

Since Natasha chose not to divulge any essential details about herself, sources offer very little information about her youth.

She was known to have a strong desire for a slim figure, which inspired her to become a gym member in her early teens.

In terms of her education, she attended an unknown high school in her place of birth, where she participated in many sporting activities – such as football – and entered school in 2011.

Natasha never went to college; at some point, she received a Level 1 Certified CanFitPro Trainer after completing an indefinite course.

Road to Glory

Popular Canadian fitness model Natasha Aughey hasn’t always been like this. Born in 1993 in Ottawa, she was involved in jogging and football and dreamed of a gorgeous figure. But thanks to cardio training, Natasha remained very thin until one day she came to the gym and became interested in bodybuilding.

Natasha unknowingly started her career by going to the gym regularly in high school, trying to sculpt noticeably good shape.

She started out with cardio, and while it helped tone her up, Aughey wasn’t satisfied. On the advice of those she met at the gym, Natasha slowly began strength training and established a rigorous routine.

Over the years, her body has improved significantly, so much so that her friends insisted that she create an Instagram account and show her progress.

At first, she hesitated, but then listened to her friends. The page was creat in August 2012. Less than a few months later, she was noticed by several employees of the fitness magazine and the world bodybuilding community.

A year later, she finished sixth at the 2013 OPA Ottawa Championship. After this, she switched to Instagram and magazine modeling.

Efforts Paid Off

Over the next several years, Aughey promoted several brands and complementary products such as the Celestial Bodiez women’s fitness apparel and dietary supplements from Blackstone Labs.

In the second half of the 2010s, she became an ambassador for the EHP (Enhanced Human Performance) laboratories, and in 2020 earns income mainly from promoting fitness-related products.

She managed to build the perfect body in two years of hard training. Now Natasha works out six times a week and closely monitors her nutrition.

She has a massive army of fans. More than a million people have subscribed to her Instagram page. She also maintains a Youtube channel where she shows her workouts, talks about proper nutrition, and shares secrets with beginners and pros.

The model works with manufacturers of sports nutrition, clothing, and underwear and makes good advertising money.

Interesting facts

We also noticed that the girl loves Pokemon. She has beloved Pikachu on her leg, and the Pokemon theme can be traced among her everyday accessories.

Available reputable sources estimate her fortune at just over $ 500,000, most of which she earned by providing her looks to several brands and fitness magazines throughout her career. Since Natasha has no plans to retire yet, this amount is likely to increase.

YouTube Channel

Aughey launched her YouTube channel on 21st September 2015 to reach a wider audience and help her followers with personal workouts, focusing on showcasing her favorite exercises – the ones she claims to be most effective.

Her most popular video so far is called “Natasha Ogey – Leg Day,” published on the 16th June 2017, with over 7.7 million views so far, which is more than half of her channel’s total video views, almost 10 million on this moment.

The channel counts 216 000 subscribers!

Natasha Aughey Personal life

When it comes to Natasha’s romantic addictions, this part of her life’s general secrecy has left her sources without any information.

It is unknown if she has dated or is dating anyone, and there has been no confirmation of her sexual orientation.

There have never been any rumors of her dating experience, while the common belief nowadays is that Natasha is heterosexual and single.

Natasha Aughey Workout Plan + Diet

Many of Natasha’s fans wonder how she manages to maintain an often paraded look, and as such, understanding her weekly routine may offer an answer.

On Monday, she mainly focuses her back. Her glutes and hamstrings follow next, followed by her chest and biceps, shoulders and triceps, quadriceps and leg plyometrics, posterior deltoid shoulder, and the last day she saves for rest.

Natasha Aughey’s diet contains a lot of slow carbohydrates, protein foods, and vegetables.

All three of her favorites dishes are relatively light, including chicken, rice, and green vegetables. To the surprise of many, Natasha does not have a strict meal plan, although she nonetheless pays great attention to what she eats.

Her training routine looks like this:

  • 1st Day – Back
  • 2nd Day – Glutes and hamstrings
  • 3rd Day – Chest and biceps
  • 4th Day – Shoulders and triceps
  • 5th Day – Quadriceps/Leg plyometrics
  • 6th Day – Shoulders (rear delt focus)
  • 7th Day – Rest

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