Muscle Growth Without Fat. Effective Muscle Growth Diet

muscle gain diet

It is possible to have muscle growth with no fat at the same time, without the use of anabolic hormones, for a short period of time in people with low % muscle and high % fat mass, and this, as you know, is called a recomposition. For the rest, it’s easier to say – no way.

Muscle growth transformation

During the construction of the building, as well as muscles, an excess of building materials is not needed – they should be enough, but additional energy is needed for the construction, and scientists call the figures about 6 kcal per 1 gram of muscle. But the problem is that when working on muscle hypertrophy, there is no blueprint, estimate, the superintendent who will control the process, and therefore it is recommended to get excess calorie content, which in turn, if not used, will be accumulated in adipose tissue.

Muscle gain diet

muscle gain diet plan

So what should this surplus or deficit be like? About 15-20% relative to supporting calories (the calorie content that keeps your body weight stable). Now we recall the principle of food cycling in competitive bodybuilding, namely – weight gain and cutting. Let’s do the same. We suggest taking a month for the temporary basis of the cycle.

If you attribute your physique to an ectomorphic type, then the period of excess calorie content can be 20 days, and after it, ten days are scarce. In fact, you can just look in the mirror, and as soon as excess fat appears, limit calories to the number of days that are needed to return the percentage of fat to normal.

If you are a mesomorph, then these periods can be two weeks each. If you are an endomorph, then the period of excess calorie content can be ten days, and the deficient one 20. During training with deficient calorie content, it makes sense to increase the amount of protein in the diet by 0.2-0.3 g per 1 kg of body weight, but of course, within the framework of the calculated calorie content.

What is the idea?

In order to level the increase in fat mass obtained during the period of excess calorie content following the deficit period. Such short periods allow you to easily manipulate the percentage of fat mass, have good health, and proper motivation. As we wrote earlier, training should at any time be aimed at gaining muscle mass. We are simply building on excess, and on the deficit, we are trying to minimize muscle tissue loss by reducing the volume of training while maintaining intensity.

In addition, you have a great chance to get to know first if it is possible to stretch the stomach by overeating.

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