Muscle Asymmetry: What Causes Muscle Asymmetry

muscular asymmetry

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If the cause of the muscle asymmetry is the deformation of the musculoskeletal system, as well as the features of muscle attachment, then this asymmetry cannot be corrected. But to reduce or eliminate muscle imbalance is quite within our power.

How to eliminate muscle asymmetry?

Include unilateral or the so-called one-sided training. Unilateral movements are performed by one limb and bilateral by both. Scientists explain the relative muscle weakness in bilateral movements by the fact that during the exercise by both limbs, the nerve impulse coming from the brain to the muscles is slightly weaker than in the case of unilateral work, and this is called the bilateral deficiency.

It was also established that in small muscles, the bilateral deficit is greater than in large ones and can reach 5-15%, which we often observe during training, for example, with alternating bending of the arms with dumbbells. With low training experience, this phenomenon is also due to different coordination of the upper limbs, but this coordination quickly becomes minimal.

muscle asymmetry
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The difference in the volume of the lower extremities may be due to the leg length, but even in this case, unilateral training will allow you to tighten the lagging muscle group. By the way, according to my observations, the jogging leg of the majority has a smaller volume.

How to implement this in practice?

The same as when specializing in a lagging muscle group – to train it more voluminously. If there is a lag in the volume and (or) strength of one pectoral muscle from another, add one or two exercises in one or two working sets to it in the training plan, for example, one-hand press in the training apparatus and fly in the crossover. This additional volume can be performed during the training of this muscle group and can be taken to the beginning of the training of other muscle groups.

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