Magic Calories or Ice Cream Diet Helps to Lose Weight

ice cream on diet

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Fitness blogger Anthony Howard-Crow lost 15 kg in 100 days, eating only ice cream and alcohol. Is their magic behind the ice cream diet?

Alcohol + ice cream diet = 6-Pack Abs

ice cream diet
IG: @absandicecream

American fitness blogger Anthony Howard-Crow from Colorado often experiments with various diets and is therefore nicknamed “dietary extreme.”

Then 32-year-old man raising two children decided on another unusual diet (now it was ice cream diet) to show that it does not matter what you eat, the main thing is to achieve a calorie deficit.

Starting December 31, Anthony ate only one ice cream and drank alcohol with every meal. The blogger did not eat ordinary ice cream, but all kinds of ice cream combinations with cookies, fruits, and sweets, besides he drank milkshakes and even made himself ice cream soup, usually drinking whiskey.

ice cream for diet
IG: @absandicecream

I decided for 100 days to eat only ice cream to show: it does not matter what you eat if you want to lose weight. It is only important that the number of calories you consume does not exceed the number of calories you spend. If I can eat no more than 2500 kilocalories per day, I can lose weight.

Anthony tried not to consume more than 2000 calories per day while continuing to workout in the gym.

What was achieved

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Tryin to get those 12” arms.

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As a result, the man’s weight decreased from 87 to 72 kg.

After 100 days, he passed a blood test and found that the level of cholesterol and lipids in the blood decreased.

In his videos, Anthony admits that losing weight was not easy: in the end, he began to get tired quickly, constantly wanted to sleep, was in a bad mood, and even abandoned training.

I could not even look at ice cream.” And the very next day, he gathered himself a hefty burger with chopped beef and a bunch of onions on white bread.

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