Isolated Exercises: Effectiveness of Doing Before Basic

Isolated exercises

The time has come to express our opinion on the effectiveness of performing isolated exercises (single-joint) before basic exercises (multi-joint). We don’t have a more accurate opinion, as an ordinary person obviously will not be able to fix the results of this castling, and the stories that changing the order of the base and isolation have blown up muscle mass do not impress us and now we will explain why.

Well, they train the chest ones, for example, in a bunch of bench press + dumbbell fly, then they fix the increase in muscle mass with the help of ultrasound, MRI, or poking themselves in the chest with a finger.
Ok, we recorded it, because there is ultrasound in every club, they did the same with macronutrient intake, the total amount of training load, and specifically this muscle group.

Then they change the order of the exercises, train exactly the same amount of time, of course, while all the other variables are equalized, then, as they always do, ultrasound, MRI, or poke with a finger.

After all this, the results of hypertrophy are compared in the first and second variants. We are glad for those who got the result, having made a similar castling, since no one canceled their individuality.

Science about isolated exercises

Scientists took 2327 studies on this topic, then selected 11 of them that met the requirements, in which 269 people of different ages and sexes participated for at least nine weeks and evaluated muscle growth in almost the same way, only without a finger.

Oh, what a miracle – they added more power in % to the exercise that was the first, regardless of whether it was one or two-part, which is expected since the principle of specificity has not been canceled. Well, in muscle mass, unfortunately, a miracle did not happen, i.e., no difference. And if you want to know whether an empty stomach cardio makes sense read our previous material.

Conclusion. Quote: “This is the first systematic review in conjunction with a meta-analysis to compare the effects of exercise order on muscle strength and hypertrophy. Our main conclusion is that the order of exercises affects the increase in strength, and it is the greatest in exercises that are performed at the beginning of a workout. When changing the order of exercises, no significant difference was found for muscle hypertrophy. The included studies were classified as excellent in methodological quality, which strengthens confidence in these findings.”