Is it Necessary to Do Ab Exercises?

hard ab exercises

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Do I need to do ab exercises, or to say more correctly, train abdominal muscles? Let’s find out!

The sense of doing ab exercises

Any training of a muscle group pursues certain goals, for example, a gymnast trains the abs to perform sports elements, a boxer – to protect internal organs from strokes, etc. and an ordinary fitness person. For what is he doing ab exercises? To increase strength to the level of functionality necessary in life, or even more, and for the sake of increasing muscle volumes. ⠀⠀

We hope that it is not necessary to remind that it is impossible to burn fat with the help of any exercises in any particular part of the body. More precisely, if spot fat burning exists, then its scale is insignificant and can be put out of brackets. ⠀

ab exercises with weights
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In order for six or eight treasured packs to decorate the rectus abdominis muscle, it is necessary to reduce the percentage of fat in men to 12-13% in women to about 15%.

By the way, children who had luxurious abs at the age of two years old, what is most important, have it even now. Just the layer between the skin and muscles, called fat, has grown over several years. ⠀

Crunches: to do or not to do

Magic packs are nothing more than tendon jumpers crossing the white line of the abdomen, consisting mainly of collagen of the connective tissue, and their number and shape are set genetically.

We agree with the opinion that it is appropriate to train the abs for the prevention of back injuries, since the rectus abdominis muscle, together with other muscles, is a stabilizer of the spine, but again, to a much lesser extent than oblique and extensor spines. ⠀

Many argue, and it is true that squats with a barbell on the back require strong abs muscles, although it is obvious that the extensors of the spine in this exercise, however, as in life in terms of stabilizers, are much more important.

We also agree that in the squats, the abs have a significant load, but you didn’t just shake your legs in the simulator for 10 years and pressed up to 600 kilograms, and then one day put 300 on the bar and tried to squat with that weight. Indeed, the strength of the abdominal muscles increased simultaneously with the increase in leg strength.

Output concerning ab exercises

ab exercises with weights
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  • We believe that you should not seriously train those muscles that you do not use in the professional sphere.
  • We recommend that you do abdominal exercises before each workout in two sets.
  • You should not take them out to a separate workout.

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