How to Cut Body Fat: Top 4 Mistakes While Cutting

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Sources of information in the field of fitness particularly concerning how to cut body fat, in principle, do not differ in particular reliability and quality, the method of their formation can be very accurately described by the words saying “I heard a ring, but I don’t know where it is.” And with regard to the topic of “cutting,” in general, resembles a concentrate of medieval heresy. Fortunately, most of the existing misconceptions that are harmless and accompanying recommendations generally complicate the life of a person on a diet but do not pose a danger to his health. There aren’t enough books to tell about everything, so, for now, we will consider only five main misconceptions about the “drying” process.

Mistake #1. Frequency of food: eat often in small portions, this allows you to speed up the metabolism and cut body fat

cut the body
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Many available studies do not show any effect of the power frequency on energy consumption at rest, up or down. On a diet, metabolism really slows down, but this happens not in a few hours, but depending on the degree of deficiency, from several weeks to several months. However, for many people, eating small meals throughout the day is a good way to control their appetite.

On the other hand, there are many people who, on the contrary, easier control their appetite by eating less often, but in large portions that cause a high degree of satiety. In particular, this refers to the so-called interval fasting, during which food is consumed for a limited period of time during the day. As a rule, this is 8 hours of nutrition and a 16-hour interval of hunger.

At the moment, not a single type of diet has been identified that is universally effective for all, without exception. Any diet that creates a lack of energy and is provided with an adequate amount of protein and dietary fiber is effective. The degree of effectiveness does not depend on the ratio of fats and carbohydrates in the diet and not on the concentration of insulin in response to meals but on the magnitude of the energy deficit created. This deficit is compensated from the internal energy reserves with the help of a combination of contrainsular hormones, which are not aware that insulin prevents someone from losing weight. Speaking of effectiveness, more attention should be paid to how the diet used is convenient and comfortable in compliance with a particular person.

Willpower in conditions of prolonged energy deficiency is not enough to overcome a high degree of discomfort caused by dietary restrictions, which is why the diet ends before the desired result is achieved. And this makes any diet ineffective. Therefore, the conditional degree of comfort (an absolutely comfortable diet cannot exist in principle) is a more important factor than the manipulation of preferred macronutrients. As a rule, for people with high physical activity, including athletes, a diet with low-fat content (up to 20% of the total calorie content) and a moderate amount of carbohydrates (~ 40% of the total calorie content) is more comfortable, since training performance depends on carbohydrates. On the other hand, it is more rational for people with carbohydrate metabolism to use diets with a low amount of carbohydrates (including keto), since they lead to an improvement in health status, which will be of great importance when returning to a normal diet.

Mistake #2. To cut body fat, you should avoid the use of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index as this interferes with the process of losing weight

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The current set of studies does not confirm that the replacement of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index with a low one, as well as the manipulation of the glycemic load or the type of carbohydrates used (starch or saccharides) affects the effectiveness of the diet. When planning a carbohydrate diet, it is more important to consider the ability of specific foods to cause a feeling of fullness and to help suppress appetite.

For example, most often carbohydrate products that require a longer digestion process, containing a high amount of dietary fiber, cause more saturation than refined sources of carbohydrates. And products with high taste can provoke an increase in appetite and lead to the consumption of amounts of energy higher than planned.

Especially often, this happens with confectionery and various sweets. In conditions of energy deficiency, cravings for sweet tastes increase. A person using such food may not be able to stop when it is necessary. If there is no problem with this, then you can not deny yourself anything, but do not forget about observing the macro of nutrients, and also that the diet is not only a set of nutrients but also vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Accordingly, it is necessary to ensure that everything necessary is supplied with food (and with additives).

Mistake #3. For more effective weight loss, it is necessary to have cardio loads – aerobic exercises, and in a certain range of heart rate (HR)

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In fact, any physical activity, from housework to pure strength training with high intensity (regardless of heart rate), has a positive effect on the cutting efficiency to the extent that its contribution to the overall energy deficit is equal. Moreover, the type of energy substrate used in different types of the load is not critical. Both aerobic and anaerobic, as well as mixed loads, increase the body’s ability to mobilize and utilize fats as an energy source. However, giving preference to certain types of physical activity, it should be borne in mind that only load-bearing loads affect the preservation of muscle mass.

Mistake #4. Manipulations associated with a change in fluid balance. While cutting, it is necessary to limit the use of salt and dietary supplements, which can help retain fluid in the body, such as creatine

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Any measures aimed at reducing the amount of fluid in the body lead to a decrease in body weight and a visual improvement in the quality of muscles. However, such changes are only temporary and in no way connected with the main purpose of cutting – reducing the amount of fat.

Please note: a lost liter of water can return in one day without any effort, and in order to return the lost kilogram of fat, you need to eat at least 7700 extra calories.

A decrease in sodium diet, the use of drugs and medicinal plants with a diuretic effect, the exclusion of food additives that inhibit water, can be practiced by athletes on the eve of the competition and has only one goal – to show the most advantageous form on the day of the competition itself. After that, all of the above activities are canceled, as it negatively affects the functioning of the body. Being on a diet, it is extremely undesirable to limit oneself in sodium intake below normal values, as this causes dehydration of the body.

If you are concerned about the deterioration in appearance caused by fluid retention, then it is better to use mild diuretics, such as collections of medicinal plants. To minimize the fluid retention caused by creatine, you can use it in dosages of not more than 3 g per day or use it every other day. In either case, this will be enough to maintain a high concentration of creatine phosphate in the muscles and maintain working capacity, which, while on a diet with an energy deficiency, will not be out of place.

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