How to Count Calories in Food? Weighing Products

how to count calories to lose weight

Once, about 5 years ago, when the concept of calorie content and energy deficit burst into the minds of clean eaters and other guys, one of the most frequently asked questions was – in what form to weigh cereals, in raw or boiled. This question was the result of the more significant one – how to count calories correctly?

How to count calories for weight loss

We hope that in 2020 everyone understands that mixing dry cereal with water and even salt will not change its energy value in any way, i.e. you can chew, dissolve or even lick buckwheat and it will be the same as boil it in water and then eat it.

Well, okay, let’s finish with cereals, it is understandable. But what with meat, fish or poultry? Turn on the logic and analyze.

What do we see? Yeah, in all the directories, the calorie content and the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates per 100 g of the product are indicated and for some reason the cooking method is not indicated. Maybe for good reason? It seems like because otherwise we would have dozens of tables with the names of the finished dishes, but they are not.

how to count calories for weight loss

We think further and the same logic tells me that if in the process of preparing products the weight change occurs mainly due to the absorption and evaporation of water, then the weight of the product must be estimated in its original state. We do not mean a running cow, floating trout or ears of oats.

What is the difference in weighing various kinds products?

In short – of course, the content of macros, which are given in the manuals, refers to unprepared products, since depending on the duration of the preparation, the finished dish can significantly differ in weight, while not significantly changing its calorie content and composition. But, someone will say that in the process of cooking there is a loss of any nutrients and of course it will be right, nevertheless this is the most convenient and universally accepted option for calculating calories.

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