How Often to Workout Each Muscle Group

how often to workout

We will give you some information for consideration. Science says that after developing training, active protein synthesis in the muscles lasts about 72 hours, and repeated training during this period will destroy myofibrils that have not yet formed (the organelles of the muscles that provide their contraction). So how often to workout one muscle group?

How often to workout each muscle

In all sports (except bodybuilding), muscle development is a side effect of training aimed at the development of any sports qualities (strength, speed, etc.). Athletes involved in upper body gymnastics can compete with the classics of low stature while the classics are fully charged, unlike gymnasts.

We know firsthand about gymnasts. How often do gymnasts train their upper body? Each workout, and this, depending on the level of 4-6 times a week. Skaters, especially sprinters, have such developed leg muscles that they can easily beat heavy bodybuilders with their legs in competitions. They load every workout with their legs since they do not need to bother about compensation or super-compensation.

Science about the frequency of muscle group training

how often should i workout

Of course, we did not specify the volume and intensity of training gymnasts and skaters, but we guess it is giant. Have you ever noticed that there are people who walk slightly leaning forward (gait features) and take a step on a slightly bent leg, like a spring? All of them (according to our observations) have very impressive quadriceps because they constantly load them with every step.

How to link all these observations with muscle growth and how they grow with such frequent and voluminous training. Obviously, this same rate of active growth should differ between beginners and experienced athletes.

And so it turned out. The time of the active period of muscle growth caused by training varies with increasing experience and qualifications. It decreases and equals only 16 hours.

Conclusion. If the optimal amount of training load is observed, the frequency of training the muscle group can be much higher than traditionally accepted in bodybuilding.

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