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T-Nation editor Dani Shugart explains how to improve women’s health (in every sense). After all, a healthy female libido is in a healthy body.

4 Factors Affecting Female Libido

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Female Libido Enhancer #1 – Micronutrients

With a lack of micronutrients, of course, not everything is so simple. Something is missing – and a cascade of physiological reactions starts in the body, ending with the disappearance of libido. But let’s take a look at the basic deficits.

Vitamin D

vitamin d

In our covid days, it is difficult to miss it because it is advertised from every iron as a means to strengthen the immune system. Did you know that sex life depends on D as well?

Turkish scientists openly interviewed more than 100 women, at the same time taking a blood test. As it turned out, higher levels of vitamin D were strangely correlated with higher levels of sexual satisfaction [3].

By the way, if you are somehow faced with a real deficit, then taking a capsule with a pitiful 1000 IU is unlikely to help. Go to the doctor, walk under the sun on the way, and find more effective remedies.


Unfortunately, iron deficiency (in women) is quite common [4]. No matter how much meat you cram into yourself, monthly and persistent training can still lead to a deficit because of what you will be overwhelmed by the simplest daily activities, not to mention high-intensity activity in bed.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, you are probably aware that fish oil helps fight inflammation (the underlying cause of many chronic diseases). It also helps with depression [5], and countries that eat more fish have fewer problems with mood disorders [6].

What does this have to do with sex? Well, depression is not exactly a state of mind in which you experience a lot of arousals. And anything that improves mood also increases libido.


Low blood magnesium levels can lead to anxiety and insomnia. Again, anything that interferes with relaxation interferes with libido. Anxiety and longing do not excite anyone.

How much do you really need to get? More than the usual recommendation for women (310-320 mg/day) if you are into fitness.

Female Libido Enhancer #2 – Macronutrients

female libido booster

There are no strict rules, but you still need to consume enough carbs, fats, and calories in general and not get hung up on one protein.

Why? Because all of your food affects hormone production, energy levels, and mood – all of which affect your sex drive. And libido can be an excellent indicator: if your partner suddenly ceases to interest you, then it’s time to reconsider nutrition.


Many women – especially the squatting “clean eaters” – severely restrict the proportion of carbohydrates in their diet. As a result, there are a couple of “pleasant” consequences:

  • an overproduction of cortisol;
  • a reduced level of serotonin. 

In other words, it is easy for you to lose your temper, and it is difficult for you to return (to a calm state). Here again, there is no time for sex.

But there is another extreme – too many carbohydrates. You seem to be refueling yourself with an energy cake, but something goes wrong, and instead of a surge of strength, there is a recession, a sleepy-sugar state in which you are too lazy to move and even think.

So pay attention to how you feel a couple of hours after eating. Choose foods (and portion sizes) that don’t make you want to lie like a stuffed vegetable in your bedroom, but vice versa.


In the 90s, people almost completely eliminated fats from their diet … it got to the point of throwing away avocados. How do you like that? And although this madness should have gone out of fashion long ago, some people in our country sometimes again frighten with terrible fats – which are necessary for the production of sex hormones.

“The fats we consume are the only source of essential fatty acids, which are the chemical building blocks of eicosanoids. Eicosanoids are the molecular glue that connects everything in our body literally. They are involved in a variety of processes, including hormone management” [7].

But, as always, there is a middle ground (that is, a range). If you prefer a low fat / high carbohydrate diet, you should be fine with quality, natural foods like fish, egg yolks, etc. Not the trans fats you get from recycled stuff.


A short-term deficit (or surplus) of a reasonable amount will certainly not kill all of your sexuality. But constant fasting is sure to weaken your libido.

Some women, unfortunately, link their attractiveness to being too fat-free. This is a mistake. If you keep malnourished all the time, then only a non-sexual appetite will flare-up.

So adjust your calorie intake by monitoring all important metrics – including female libido.

Female Libido Enhancer #3 – Substances

female libido supplements

Female Libido Supplements

Not only antidepressants, but also some pain relievers, drugs for hypertension, and even contraceptives can lead to a decrease in female libido (the irony of fate!) [8].

Of course, in some cases, you can’t just take the pills and throw them away. But it is worthwhile to figure out how necessary these specific drugs are to go to another, more progressive doctor who can offer a different treatment and not just write off a prescription.



Yes, it depends on the dose, but many are disappointed by the low dose. And alcohol is insidious: on the one hand, it can liberate and increase arousal [9], but after that, it interferes with the production of natural lubrication and the onset of orgasm [10].

And the main thing: if a couple of glasses is your regular dinner, then you are probably also not sleeping well. Sleep deprivation is another path to orgasm deprivation [11].


Moderate doses did increase libido in female rats [12]. The keyword is moderate. Sex requires a certain degree of relaxation, which is not easy to achieve by puffing up a harmless coffee.

It’s still an aphrodisiac that raises cortisol levels and develops anxiety (even when consumed in moderation). But, of course, it all depends on you personally – if you pick up your dose, then sex will be hotter, like a rat (from an experiment).

Female Libido Enhancer #4 – Lifestyle

female libido enhancers

One-Night Stands

Yesterday’s shy girl brags about having sex four times a night with another lover? Most likely, it composes to attract attention and raise self-esteem since most women do not like sex without a stable romantic relationship [14].

Only 4% of women achieve orgasm by having sex at the first meeting [1].

In addition, we communicate better with loved ones, and not with the first we meet. And we also need good communication for good sex.

I hope you would not ask for the link to the related study?


It creates the most inhibiting hormonal background and even distracts the process itself. By the way, this is not only about work or household loads – add training stress here (useful, but still). If you are too obsessed with fitness and plow to failure, then you should think about both libido and chronic inflammatory processes.

There is no universal remedy for stress relief, and there cannot be. Each one suits its own. But sometimes, the solution is to stop burdening yourself simply. Don’t clog your day with a million unnecessary things to do. And if you love sports, then at least sometimes arrange fasting weeks.



It should be a priority for everyone. Fashion tips you know by heart:

  • turn off the TV,
  • freeze the bedroom,
  • don’t stare at your smartphone at night,
  • blah blah blah.

Find those techniques that help you get enough sleep, and use them on an ongoing basis.

Check out Why goos rest is so important.

TV Series

Now they need to be placed in a separate category. The more time you spend devouring the next season, the less you have left for other important things. It is necessary that someone (other than your partner) tell you: stop watching someone else’s life, take care of your own.


A very important point. If you have lousy self-esteem, then you are unlikely to allow yourself to have fun … let alone undress in front of someone. One way to improve the situation is to start doing what you did badly. Take on difficult tasks (both work and sports, for example) and cope with them. Of course, it is banal advice, but it really raises testosterone.

Low Testosterone Levels

Today it is just an epidemic – in both men and women. But the more you know about it, the more effectively you can resist.


I am a believer, and I love my husband. And I believe that physical intimacy is an important part of the life of monogamous couples. Their personal affairs in the bedroom can be very varied, spontaneous, and even odd.

But this only works when the woman likes it too. Otherwise, only irritation and fatigue will accumulate, and sex will come to naught. This is why many marriages turn into neighborhood relationships without intimacy.

Bigotry is not a virtue, and married life doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, the more fun it is, the stronger the marriage.

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