Eye Strain from Computer. Do Special Glasses Help?

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Why nowadays we feel eye strain from computer? The eyes of millions of people today are riveted to the screens of computers and various gadgets for several hours a day – this mode of operation is dictated by modern life. For the convenience of using smartphones, tablets, and a computer, many have to pay with a valuable coin – their own vision.

The most common complaints after hours of working at the computer are headaches, blurred vision, dry and tired eyes, a feeling of “sand”, burning or itching in the eyes, double vision, pain in the shoulders and neck. All these symptoms are the result of prolonged eye strain.

How can work at the computer damage my eyesight?

Computer radiation is the cause of dry eye syndrome in 20% of all cases. The remaining 80% is due to inflammation of the eyelids, mainly due to infection with a tick by Demodex, conjunctivitis caused by misuse of lenses, and, finally, diseases of the lacrimal glands. In the hot summer months, despite the fact that work at this time of year is usually less, the computer causes dry eye syndrome in more than 50% of all cases. This is because a modern office worker most often works in a room with air conditioning turned on.

“The air after the air conditioner loses up to half its moisture and literally draws moisture from surrounding objects. It is especially hard for those who wear contact lenses. After the air is too dry, the air absorbs moisture from such lenses, they begin to “scratch” the mucous membrane of the eye, like graters, and it collapses. Then the tear film loses its normal structure. As a result, dry syndrome develops, ” – the ophthalmologist explains.

According to the expert, ordinary silicone-hydrogel lenses dry out first. Even the most modern lenses of this kind, which imitate the action of the tear film of the human eye and prevent the loss of moisture, sometimes can not cope in the conditions of the dry, dusty air. Then there is dryness, burning, a feeling of sand in the eyes, and other signs of a dry eye.

How do eye strain computer glasses work?

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Eye strain computer glasses have one major difference from glasses designed for other purposes. This is a blue ray blocking function.
Eye strain computer glasses are real-life optics designed specifically for computer users, taking into account all of the above features of working behind it.

Do eye strain computer glasses distort the image and colors on the monitor?

Since glasses for working at a computer are designed to block part of the light spectrum, they do not have 100% light transmission. Because of this, the colors on the screen may be slightly distorted, but these distortions are negligible. This does not cause discomfort when working with graphic images or photographs.

Who can wear eye strain computer glasses?

Any person who spends a lot of time in front of a computer or phone screen can wear special glasses to work on a computer. At-risk are office employees, students, schoolchildren, people whose work is associated with a long stay at the computer. It is worth noting that glasses for working at a computer are designed for people with low vision and for those who have no vision problems.

Poor vision and glasses for working at a computer

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Eye strain computer glasses can be made according to absolutely any recipe: with farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Lenses can be monofocal (with one optical power) or multifocal (with several optical zones for long, medium and short distance).

However, there is data that with normal vision, such glasses are unlikely to help cope with eye strain from computer. The main cause of fatigue is the long focus of the eye on the screen. If there is no myopia, age-related visual impairment, astigmatism, it is better to properly adjust the brightness and sharpness of the screen and often look away from the monitor.

It is recommended that you take 5-7-minute breaks every 30 minutes at the computer. It is worth taking care of the proper organization of the workplace. The monitor should be at a distance of 60–70 cm from the user’s eyes.

Do eye strain computer glasses really work?

If you remove the extreme colors of the spectrum or one of these areas, the contrast and clarity of the image are improved by reducing a phenomenon such as chromatic aberration. It is inherent in all lenses, and the lens of the eye is the same lens. Chromatic aberration occurs due to the fact that the rays of light are focused on different planes: orange-green – on the retina, blue-violet – in front of it, and red – after it. Therefore, everyone will have a better vision in the green light than in red or blue. And if using the interference coating to remove the extreme parts of the spectrum, then the image really will become more clear and contrast, therefore, the resolution of the eye will increase.

The level of brightness of light also affects the eyes. With insufficient or, conversely, too bright lighting, a person has to strain his eyes more, and his eyes get tired faster. And with the help of special glasses, you can achieve optimal retinal illumination.

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But of course, we are talking only about quality glasses. Glasses with an interference coating cannot be cheap since the technology for applying such a coating is quite expensive.

On the other hand, one should not consider such glasses as a panacea and expect a miraculous effect from them. They only facilitate the work at the computer, but do not have a therapeutic effect and are unlikely to prevent visual impairment if you do not follow the basic rules of working at the computer. That is, periodically close your eyes so that they rest, take breaks in work every one to two hours, observe the distance between the monitor and the eyes – it should be 30 centimeters. Also, you should not work at a computer in the dark – in the room, you definitely need another light source, in addition to the monitor.

In addition, before purchasing such glasses, you should consult an ophthalmologist who will help to take into account the individual characteristics of the eyes.

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