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Fitness model from Finland Erna Husko is known on the web for her outstanding forms rather than for the fact that she was a professional skater before. The girl, who now lives in Tallinn, spends hours training in the gym and then pleases fans with pictures of her toned body.


Erna Husko is a fitness model and gym trainer. She inspires and advises her fans for a healthy lifestyle and the importance of clean hard work for optimal results.

Recently, she gained a lot of fame on the TikTok app. She uploads videos of home workouts.

On her page, she scored over 10.4 million likes. What’s really amazing is that she has amassed so many followers in such a short time.

Besides, she has a YouTube channel. From her videos, she influenced young guys and fans on health and fitness issues. Here we have provided essential information on Tiktok star Erna Jusco’s wiki page, her age, career, height, and net worth.

Personal Data

Date of Birth27 August, 1997
Place of BirthTallinn, Finland
Height170 cm
Weight58 kg
Family statusNA

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Erna Husko Career + Boyfriend

Erna came to Tallinn at the age of 12 with her parents. The girl was professionally engaged in figure skating but left this sport a few years ago to devote herself to fitness.

Husko has repeatedly talked about how she got her forms.

Last year, an anonymous source for the portal Elu24 reported that a well-known fitness star from Finland who now lives in Estonia, Erna Husko, resorted to a plastic surgeon’s services to enlarge her buttocks, which she owes her popularity to.

“The operation was paid for by a man who drives around in a silver Lamborghini,” the source said, adding that the matter concerns Estonian businessman Karim Barak.

Erna was also interviewed by MyHits, in which she spoke about her hobby. “As far as figure skating is concerned, it all got out of hand in the end. I had a very low weight – I weighed only 44 kilograms and simply did not receive as much energy and strength from the exercises as before,” said Husko.

This was one of the main reasons why she decided to switch from figure skating to something else. Husko also said that her diet changed a lot after going to the gym: she stopped starving and started eating healthy foods.

Erna recently started helping other girls in the fight against extra pounds.

And her fresh photos, which are so wildly popular on the web, serve as additional motivation for others.

Erna Husko Transformation

The other day, the athlete posted a photo collage on Instagram, showing how she looked like many years ago and how she is today. Erna Husko notes that it is not enough to be just thin. A woman’s body should be fit. According to the fitness model, after she began to train hard, there were changes in her health. Now Erna does not feel sluggish and feels great.

“I have found my golden balance between training and proper nutrition,” admits Erna.

It is often said about the model that in order to enlarge the buttocks, she resorted to the help of plastic surgeons. However, the beauty herself refutes such information.

She assures that her outstanding form is exclusively the result of regular training. Erna says that when she was engaged in pair figure skating, her weight was 44 kilograms. And it was terrible!

Sometimes there was simply an acute lack of energy. And now – in a healthy body – a healthy mind! This can be seen in the flowering appearance of the girl.

How Much is Erna Husko’s Net Worth?

Erna is a famous fitness trainer and model. She is sponsored by various fitness products and merchandise on her Instagram profile, followed by huge fans.

Erna Husko’s net worth is estimated at $400,000. This number was calculated based on the next facts:

  • She is a rising TikTok star in the United States. 
  • She has 1 million followers on Instagram. 
  • She describes herself as a personal trainer. 
  • She also makes money on YouTube, where her videos garner millions of views and likes.

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