Empty Stomach Cardio: Benefits and Drawbacks


Different muscle building and fat-burning communities still pass on various myths and legends from mouth to mouth. One of them is that cardio performed on an empty stomach is more effective in terms of fat burning than after eating, rather carbohydrates. But what is empty stomach cardio, and are there benefits of empty stomach cardio?

Cardio on empty stomach weight loss

The logic of supporters of the cardio with hunger is as follows: fat is burned, because fasting blood glucose is low, in fact, like insulin, which blocks the breakdown of fats.

Scientists have verified this in their scientific experiments, and here are the conclusions they made: “The concept of performing hungry cardio to increase fat loss is erroneous. There were no signs of impaired fat oxidation associated with carbohydrate intake before or during exercise. ” Moreover, it turned out that during cardio on an empty stomach much more fat is decomposed than the body can use it as fuel, and then these fatty acids are sent back to adipose tissue.

The downside of this way of performing cardio is increased protein breakdown, and therefore this scheme is not recommended by scientists for those who seek to increase muscle mass.


Also, fasting leads to faster fatigue and lower productivity, and then fat burning.

The result of taking carbohydrates before a cardio workout is that more calories are burned both during and after physical activity, which increases fat loss.

So to eat before cardio or not to eat?

The conclusion of the scientific review is as follows: “Modern literature does not support the effectiveness of empty stomach cardio as a fat burning tool. In the best case, the overall effect on fat loss associated with this approach will not be better than post-meal workouts, and it is possible that this will lead to worse results. In addition, given that training with depleted glycogen levels has been shown to increase proteolysis, the strategy has potential negative consequences for those involved in muscle strength and hypertrophy. ”

That’s all about this cardio approach known for today. However, there is an opinion, by the way, from McDonald. He wrote about this way to burn fat and gave an explanation that fasting cardio helps to finish off the last, the so-called stubborn fat. You may observed it on yourself and your clients. Yes, here we are talking about a diet with an energy deficit. Remember that by following it even the cardio with hunger, we’ll help you lose weight. The fact is that you don’t have breakfast. Thus you consume fewer calories per day.