Ekaterina Usmanova: Best Booty of Russian Instagram

Ekaterina Usmanova

IG: @usmanovakate

Several years ago, no one had yet heard the name, Ekaterina Usmanova. And suddenly, she flashed like a bright star.

So many titles were awarded to this young woman, who literally blew up Instagram: the queen of bodybuilding, and the first in the list of Russian fitness babies, and even “the best booty of Russian Instagram.”

Ekaterina is an athlete with an amazingly beautiful figure, a trainer, and a developer of her own online fitness program.


Kate Usmanova (her name can also be spelled as Katya, Katherine, etc.) is the most famous Russian bikini model, who still remains an ideal example of bodybuilding for many girls.

Personal data

Date of BirthOctober 1, 1989
Place of BirthKrymsk, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Current PlaceMoscow, Russia
Height166 cm
Weight56 kg
Family statusMarried

Childhood and Youth

Ekaterina was born in Krymsk (Krasnodar Krai) on October 1, 1989. From early childhood, she was distinguished by a decisive, courageous character.

If she set a goal, she certainly achieved it.

Sport entered Katya’s life from her school years. Constant training even more tempered the girl’s character.

At the age of thirteen, Kate began to attend the taekwondo section, and after a couple of years, she received a green belt.

Since there were no plans to build a sports career seriously.

At first, Ekaterina acquired a completely “peaceful” specialty: she graduated from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Having thoroughly studied marketing and management at the university, Ekaterina got a job as a manager.

The year 2010 was marked by significant changes in the life of the future conqueror of sports peaks: Ekaterina met coach Alexander Usmanov.

She never quit fitness, despite being busy, and Alexander began to help her build a figure.

It is interesting that the first meetings took place exclusively within the framework of such business cooperation: Usmanov was not in love with his ward.

Feelings came a little later, when, after serving in the army, he returned and saw Katya completely transformed: in his absence, the girl trained regularly and hard, bringing her body to perfection.

Ekaterina Usmanova First Steps

Katya did not immediately find her direction in sports. Her first success was in powerlifting. Then there was still no female bodybuilding (the concept, of course, existed in the world, but this fashion had not yet reached her native Krymsk), so Katherine was engaged in powerlifting.

The essence of powerlifting is overcoming the resistance force of the weight that is maximum for the athlete. Katya participated in barbell lifting competitions.


At some point, Ekaterina Usmanova realized that her soul did not lie to work as an advertising manager and completely devoted herself to fitness.

Having won several brilliant victories in regional competitions, Katya went further: in 2012, she took 2nd place at the International Bodybuilding Championship.

It is curious that the audience was not satisfied. According to it, Katherine was worthy of the first place, but by the decision of the jury, she got only the second.

The next was the competitions of the Central Federal District. Having received silver at the Russian Open Championship, Ekaterina Usmanova turned into a recognizable character: from that moment (2013), she was practically inundated with tempting job offers.

Ekaterina “went” in the direction of “fitness bikini.” The list of her awards, received shortly after this moment, is impressive. Ekaterina is:

  • the Yashankin Cup finalist.
  • the winner of the Russian and Eastern European Cup. 
  • she won first place in the Arnold Classic tournament.

A new stage in her life has come when Katherine decides to take part in competitions no longer.

She begins to build a career as a coach and goes into big business, actively promoting herself on Instagram and social networks.

Ekaterina Usmanova Beauty Secrets

Ekaterina Usmanova has excellent forms. Men admire her pictures, and women are eager to follow a great example and become just as great.

What does Ekaterina do to maintain her figure in excellent condition? 

She does not hide her main secret – daily workouts. It doesn’t matter what day it is – Saturday or Monday – you should always go in for sports.

Yes, classes should be of different intensity and duration, and in addition, each time should be aimed at strengthening a specific muscle group, but the basic principle is that they should be daily.

Ideally, it would help if you worked with a trainer. Ekaterina herself did this at the beginning of her career. The coach will tell you what to work on more intensively, think over an individual program, and adjust it if necessary.

According to Ekaterina Usmanova, it is very important to speed up the metabolism.

How can you speed up your metabolism? It turns out that there is nothing super complicated in this.

During a sports activity, you need to alternate a high pace with a low one. Let’s say you are on a treadmill: in this case, you should maintain your maximum pace for 2 minutes and then rest for 2 minutes, running slowly.

Another aspect of staying in good physical shape is nutrition. Say “No!” to tough diets. The reason is that any long-term diet or diet with calorie restriction causes pathological changes in the digestive tract.

The consequence of diets is gastritis, intestinal inflammation, ulcers, cholecystitis. Weight decreases, but not for long – soon it comes back again, and in greater volume than before.

Find more about this issue here. ⬇️

This does not mean that you have to eat anything and when you want. The diet should contain fish, meat, cereals, fruits and vegetables – and less fatty and sugary foods.

Nutrition should be complete,” the well-known fitness start believes.

Personal Life

Plastic Surgery

It turns out that Usmanova’s ideal figure is not only a gift from nature and the result of persistent sports activities.

Already being a fairly well-known media personality, she decided to have plastic breast surgery. Ekaterina does not keep it a secret: in 2015, she published a post on Instagram where she shared information about where and with which surgeon she “formed” a new bust for herself:

“Oh, hey, let’s tell you once and for all where and how I changed the breast.”

The fans learned that the operation was performed at the DoctorPlastic clinic by surgeon Sergeev. For a whole year, Ekaterina did not engage in serious exercises on the upper body, waiting for the new breast to become completely “it’s own” for the body.

The athlete notes that at the time of the plastic surgery, the chest muscles were pumped up to the maximum, and therefore she felt tension and discomfort for a long time.

Based on her own experience, Catherine advised girls who also decided to change the shape of their breasts not to get involved in fitness before the operation – then the consequences will not be so pronounced, and the healing process will be easier.

Of course, with new breasts, Ekaterina, an already very pretty girl, has turned into a real beauty.


Catherine’s family happiness lasted for several years, when Alexander, her coach, made a marriage proposal to the girl. While the couple was together, Alexander acted as both a coach and a producer for Katya, helping her to gain fame.

In 2013, the marriage broke up. Some believe that the culprit is Katya’s growing fame, others that both spouses did not work enough to preserve their relationship. In any case, family life did not last long. There were no children in this marriage.

Today, Catherine keeps her personal life a secret. She still has everything ahead!

Ekaterina Usmanova Workout

Every girl who decides to work out according to the Usmanova system should know: training is aimed not at intense weight loss but at creating a beautiful, relief body.

Minimum fat – maximum muscle. At the same time, the figure will not at all resemble a man’s one, despite the fact that Katya works a lot with heavy weight.

Ekaterina develops programs that make muscles strong and emphasize the natural beauty of the female body. She pays special attention to training the buttocks. The athlete willingly demonstrates the result on Instagram. Hence the title “Best Booty on Russian Instagram.”

The components of her success: willpower, the desire to achieve goals, and a great desire to do the maximum possible in life.

Let’s wait – probably Catherine will still be able to surprise us. After all, she is only a little over 30 – life is just beginning!

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