Duration of Workout: How Long Should You Workout

duration of workout

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How long should you workout? Does the duration of workout matter? (We mean strength training aimed at increasing muscle volumes).

The science behind the duration of workout

The Internet is full of the fact that after 40 minutes of training, cortisol – a killer that begins to destroy muscles – is produced. It is clear that this is nonsense, but even if the body could somehow count the time, what would it take as a basis? Active muscle work, the total time spent in the gym, taking into account changing clothes and going to the shower, or some other criteria?

Even if we don’t understand anything in biochemistry and don’t know what functions cortisol performs in the human body, but focus only on these mythical 40 minutes taken from the ceiling, then let’s count.

The length of the average training session

Usually, a total of 15-20 sets are performed during a training session, in 5-6 exercises, with about half of the working (with failure or close to failure), each of which lasts 20-25 seconds.

There are breaks between 20 sets on average for 1.5-2.0 minutes, but only 10 workings who require tangible time to pay off oxygen debt and restore energy. A total of 10 working sets, each of which lasts 15-30 seconds.

Well, we agree the first minute of recovery can be added to the active work since anaerobic glycolysis is extremely active, but even then, we get about 14-15 minutes in total.

Of course, in the planning process for a workout, it is necessary to take into account the volume and intensity of the load, the state of the ligamentous-muscular apparatus, the cardiovascular and endocrine system. As we can see, training is at least a few variables, which in the end, do not close in the notorious 40 minutes.

how long should you workout
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But still, there is some truth in this statement, and this is what it is – as a rule, a rather large amount of work is done in bodybuilding in 40 minutes, and this naturally leads to a decrease in blood sugar. It is clear that, when trying to maintain glucose homeostasis, counterinsular hormones, including cortisol, will show their activity.

Busting the myth

We hope it is clear that everyone who is afraid of cortisol just needs to drink any drink containing glucose, and cortisol will be defeated. And don’t even dare to talk with a powerlifter about such nonsense, as their training lasts about 2 hours, however, as well as weightlifters who only warm-up for about 30 minutes.

If we return to the level of cortisol, we will see the maximum peak in the morning after waking up, but the increased breakdown of amino acids in this period is not fixed. So morning catabolism is another myth.

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