Does Whey Mass Gainer Work? Is it Safe?

whey mass gainer work

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The whey mass gainer or – to say correctly – the carbohydrate-protein mixture is a dietary supplement that is very popular among athletes whose body is not capable of rapidly gaining weight due to its characteristics.

People who do not suffer from this problem should better refrain from using a mass gainer, as this can lead to the appearance of extra pounds. If you still feel that exhausting workouts do not bring the desired result, then before taking a weight gainer, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules for consuming this sports nutrition.

When whey mass gainer is required

The use of a gainer, like any other sports nutrition, will be especially effective only with the right reception:

  1. Drinking before training will help prepare the body for heavy loads. Taking a mass gainer 30 minutes before workout will saturate your muscles with the proteins and carbohydrates you need for stamina during intense workouts and help your body work at its best. In the period of the so-called cutting, you do not need to use an additive – the body will be fed through fatty tissues.
  2. At the end of the workout, the muscles are exhausted, and a mixture of carbohydrates with proteins is required to restore them. But before you take sports nutrition to gain mass, you need to give the body a break. The optimal interval for receiving a gainer is half an hour after the end of classes.
  3. The use of supplements should not be interrupted on rest days. However, this should not be a substitute for food – a gainer should be consumed between meals at least twice a day.

Does Whey Mass Gainer Work?

As a rule, the ratio of carbohydrates to proteins in it is equal – 80/20 or 90/10. In general, the number of people who cannot gain weight is about the same as who want to reduce it. So for those who are not given a good muscular genetics, mainly ectomorphs, who, due to the characteristics of their metabolism and sometimes poor appetite, find it extremely difficult to get the necessary calorie content from ordinary food, a weight gainer was invented.

Well, now closer to science and practice, which are completely consonant in this matter, and we’ll try to outline the main positions thesis.

  1. The muscle mass building should be provided with additional calorie content, which will be aimed at building muscle and the amount of this energy is 5-8 kcal per 1 gram of muscle.
  2. Stocks of spent muscle glycogen with double speed are replenished immediately after a workout and in the case of a similar exercise the next day – this is strategically important, because glycogen level is associated with both aerobic and power load. Conclusion: I didn’t replenish glycogen reserves from carbohydrates – I couldn’t train qualitatively – I didn’t add muscle mass.
  3. Taking a carbohydrate-protein mixture immediately after a workout reduces delayed pain (DOMS). Conclusion: I didn’t replenish the carbohydrate reserves immediately after a hard training, which was traumatic for muscles — I couldn’t workout qualitatively because of my DOMS— I didn’t add muscle mass.
  4. And, of course, for crossfiters and cyclical sportsmen, some of whom are recommended to get 6-8 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight per day – eating carbohydrates from food is practically impossible. ⠀⠀

Dosage of whey mass gainer

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In most cases, a single dose is from 100 to 150 g, but the exact amount is prescribed individually, depending on several factors:

  • the number of calories in a particular product;
  • body mass;
  • frequency of food intake;
  • the purpose of the reception – to restore the body or build up mass;
  • intensity and number of classes.

A person who is needed in muscle mass needs a small dosage, but if normal eating is rare, the dosage should be increased to replenish calories.

In any case, before taking the supplement, it is better to consult a trainer. Watch how the body behaves – if you feel a breakdown, and the result of muscle growth is not noticeable, then you should increase the dosage.

It is desirable to divide a single dose into two doses – this will help the body absorb the product more easily and reduce the burden on the stomach.

What to mix whey mass gainer with

The mass gainer is produced in the form of a powder, from which, for ease of use, a cocktail is made. For preparation, you can use any drink to your liking.

Here are the most suitable:

  • Milk. It is the most popular because it contains protein, which makes the cocktail more saturated and improves its effect. The effect directly depends on the fat content of milk. If it is necessary to increase the number of calories consumed, then milk with a high percentage of fat should be used. During cutting, it is best to consume low-fat milk.
  • Water. Of the advantages of water, we can distinguish its availability and low-calorie content. The disadvantage of this liquid is that it does not contain any beneficial substances and cannot improve the effect of the cocktail.

In order to avoid folding proteins, you should not make a cocktail with hot liquid, too cold makes it difficult to dissolve the powder. It is good to cook a cocktail in a blender or shaker.

Combination with other food additives

Knowing how to consume the mass gainer in combination with other types of sports nutrition, you can significantly increase the effect of a cocktail:

  • combination with vitamins helps the body recover faster after exertion;
  • a gainer with creatine significantly accelerates muscle growth, since creatine in itself is a stimulator of muscle growth, and carbohydrates significantly improve its digestibility;
  • sharing with amino acids contributes to an effective increase in muscle mass;
  • the mass gainer and protein complement each other, helping to avoid the deficiency of proteins and carbohydrates that may occur when consumed individually.

Do not get carried away and eat horse doses, believing that the muscles will grow faster. This will bring the opposite effect – the stomach will grow, not the muscles.


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For what?

  • To compensate for the deficiency of caloric intake by the carbohydrate component, which is not possible to obtain from ordinary food.
  • To gain muscle mass, which should be accompanied by an excess of energy.
  • To replenish glycogen stores after exercise.

To whom?

Ectomorphs, which, due to the characteristics of the metabolism, are extremely difficult to obtain the necessary calorie content from ordinary food.

Crossfiters and athletes of cyclic sports, some of which are recommended to receive 6-8 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kg of their weight per day.

What kind?

The most common ratio of carbohydrates to proteins is 80/20 and 90/10.

How many?

Most of the macronutrients should be obtained from food, and it is not recommended to receive more than 30-40% from mixtures.


There are many recommended regimens. We recommend to take it on days of rest by serving a gainer between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. Of course, the serving size depends on the size of the target calorie content that needs to be provided.

On training days, 1/3 serving before training and 2/3 after it. (Hope you know what is the best combination of muscle groups to train in one workout.)