Cutting Body Fat: When and Why Then?

how to lose body fat

What tactics to choose – bulking first, and then cutting, or bring the percentage of fat close to what you want and only then go into mass gain, manipulating calories? Let us remind you that we do not consider long (3-4 months) periods of bulking and then cutting body fat as rational since you can reach the desired result by manipulating shorter periods of time. But one way or another such a method was, is and will be, and therefore we will express our opinion on this matter.

How to burn fat rightly?

From the point of view of insulin sensitivity, which decreases with an increasing percentage of body fat, it is more rational to first reduce body fat, and then begin to gain muscle mass. But this is when it comes to overweight, for example, 30% or more. But what if we are talking about a moderate percentage of fat?

Why is this even relevant?

Because a set of muscle mass without a gain in fat is practically impossible, as well as a decrease in fat without loss of muscle is unlikely.

By and large, both the one and the other option are workable and at the output will give similar results, but at a different price.

We will make a reservation that all of the following applies to those living in temperate and cold climates. So, the task is this: by the summer to make a form with 12-13% fat from the original 25%. Allocate 10-12 weeks to cutting without extreme.

When to start cutting body fat?

lose body fat

In autumn and winter, against the background of lowered ambient temperature and short daylight hours, extraordinary efforts will have to be made to maintain proper performance. In short, it’s already hard and sad for you because of a lack of energy, and everything around you matches the state – there is little sun, it’s getting colder outside, which strengthens the desire to throw carbohydrates into the furnace and lie down. You can object and say that in winter, energy consumption is higher because maintaining body temperature requires more energy – this is in theory. In practice, we dress warmer and move less.

In the spring, the diet is psychologically and, as a result, physically tolerated easier. Your brain will ask for glucose just like in winter, but it will be easier to refuse it, pleased with the sun and heat. Of course, if you like rains and cold, and bare branches of trees and twilight delight your eyes, then you should choose a different strategy.

Athletes compete both in autumn and spring, and for the majority to keep a diet and start cutting body fat is much easier in spring and summer.

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