Cellulite Removal: Step-By-Step Guide

cellulite removal

After finding out the main causes of cellulite, we continue the fight against it. I recommend that everyone who wants to get rid of the “orange peel” should start solving the problem from the third point because it is the simplest and most natural. In addition, increasing the level of collagen in the body goes far beyond the narrow scope of cosmetology. So, let’s proceed to cellulite removal!

Comprehensive Step-By-Step Cellulite Removal Guide

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The battle against orange peel is multitasked. And below, you will see the detailed review of each step.

How to improve skin elasticity with cellulite?

Collagen is a fibrillar protein responsible not only for the elasticity of the skin but also for the condition of the hair, nails, as well as for the longevity of joints, ligaments, and tendons. Maintaining a high level of collagen in the body is the main task of any person, let it be either man or woman, seeking to maintain their youth and health. And in the case of the fight against cellulite, collagen becomes just a magic potion.

Everyone needs to maintain high levels of collagen in the body, but for those who play sports, it becomes vital. Today it can be purchased in the form of a drinking supplement in stores selling sports supplements. But I prefer to increase my collagen levels naturally, along with food.

Water-Cellulite Connection

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Along with products rich in collagen, you have to significantly increase the intake of another important element – clean drinking water.

Try to drink one and a half glasses of this life-giving moisture before each meal. Do it for three reasons:

  • Water, drunk 20-30 minutes before a meal, fills a part of the stomach, and a smaller amount of food is needed for saturation. This means that you can painlessly start eating less. This is the first plus;
  • In cold seasons, we drink less water. And our thrifty body, realizing its value, accumulates fluid under the skin along with fat. When we start drinking more, this serves as a signal to the body that everything is fine with water, we can part with the reserves. As a result, there is a decrease in body weight and visual volume of the legs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. This is advantage# 2;
  • And finally, the main plus for us – water nourishes the skin, makes it smoother and more elastic. Drinking water also contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which also have a beneficial effect on the quality of the skin.

Water and food with a high level of collagen allow us to win the first stage of the battle against cellulite.

How to improve blood circulation in skin areas with cellulite?

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To address the issue of improving blood flow to the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, you should adhere to a specialized training program. In theory, it looks pretty straightforward – leg exercises done in a high-intensity manner, coupled with cardiovascular work. But what will be the effect in practice? In order not to torment, I will say right away – the effect is excellent.

NoteWe cannot say that only the training program helped us get rid of cellulite; the whole range of measures worked perfectly. But the fact that without working out in the gym, neither collagen nor diet, would not have given such an effect. We are 100% sure.

There is nothing tricky and revolutionary in this anti-cellulite training system. Everything is very simple. Twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday, do a set of exercises against cellulite. Naturally, this whole complex consisted of leg exercises.

Cellulite Removal Training Program


Barbell squats320
Leg extensions315
Leg press310

Exercises are selected in such a way that the front surface of the thigh is loaded. At the end of the strength exercises, walking on a treadmill for 30-40 minutes, performed in an interval mode, followed. Three-minute sections at a normal speed were replaced by minute accelerations. This walking format allowed both fat deposits to be burned and the blood supply to the whole body to be greatly increased.


Barbell squats on the Smith machine38
Hamstring curls310
Romanian deadlift312
Leg lateral raises315 (each)

The load in these exercises was directed to the back of the legs and buttocks. The workout was completed by work on the orbit track or stationary bike in interval mode.

After analyzing this ascetic training program, you may exclaim: “Where are the exercises for the abs?” How to remove cellulite from the abdomen without them? I deliberately did not include exercises for this muscle group in the training scheme, because I have long understood a simple truth: the best exercise for the abs is diet. Read more about that here: Is it Necessary to Do Ab Exercises?

In order for the abs to be visible, first, you need to reduce the amount of fat on the waist. After all, if it is hidden in the depths of fat depots, and even decorated with cellulite, then who will see it? First, you need to lose weight.

Note: Barbell squats are great for loading and toning the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, since this muscle acts as a stabilizer, keeping the body in an upright position.

Home Cellulite Removal

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I am often asked, “Is it possible to get rid of cellulite at home?” I think it depends primarily on the magnitude of the problem. If the area of ​​distribution of cellulite is insignificant, then it is quite possible. Although, in my opinion, cellulite treatment in the gym is much easier and faster than at home.

But in any case, in order to get a real effect from physical exertion at home, it is necessary to apply remarkable imagination when drawing up a training program. Exercises should be as hard, varied, and energy-consuming as possible.

NoteIn this case, such a simple and undeservedly forgotten apparatus like a jump rope can come to the rescue. Jumping instead of resting between exercises will perfectly solve the problem of burning fat while increasing muscle density.

Anti-Cellulite Diet

Anti-Cellulite Diet

The solution to this issue is the hardest. And it is not about just going on a diet. The problem is a radical and irreversible change in habits. And this is always extremely difficult and painful. The essence of all truly effective diets in the world can be summed up in three words: control over sugar.

Did you notice that I said not refusal, but control? Quitting sweets completely is as difficult as quitting smoking. It has long been noted that the intake of sweets causes a person’s feeling of pleasure, similar to the effect of a drug.

Here’s just one fact: in 2013, the Amsterdam health department launched an initiative to provide scary health labels to all foods containing sugar. According to Dutch doctors (and not only them), sugar is the most harmful plant product in the world. And the mission of the state is to warn about a potential threat to its citizens.

Such a long introduction was necessary to emphasize the complexity of the problem we face – to reduce the consumption of sweets. This is how we started the third and most difficult phase of the battle against cellulite:

  1. First, reduce, and then completely abandon the habit of adding sugar to tea and coffee. When this has happened, you would be amazed at the different and completely new flavors of these drinks, not clouded by the processed sugar beet;
  2. Begin to tighter control over the time of taking sweets. All foods containing sugar should be eaten in the morning;
  3. Start to replace some sweets with others—for example, sweet milk chocolate – bitter black. Firstly, dark chocolate has less sugar than the pale-faced version. And secondly, it contains more cocoa beans, a strong antioxidant, which will definitely not be superfluous in our cellulite removal fight.
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Since we are not animals after all, and sometimes we also want a cake or a pastry with cream, one day a week has to be chosen for this purpose.

For instance, my clients note: “On Saturday we allowed ourselves to eat what we want and how much we want. But after about a month, controlling the consumption of pastries, we began to notice that the former charm of cakes and pastries melted away like a haze.

Moreover, having eaten on Saturday such creamy delights, instead of a feeling of pleasure, we began to experience severe discomfort and stone heaviness in the stomach. An organism that had grown out of the habit of leavening agents, sweeteners, stabilizers, and colorants in a week, with all its appearance, let us know that it was not ready for a new meeting with the periodic table. Therefore, we had to abandon the cakes and replace them with some kind of high-quality and dry cookies.

The Bottom Line

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Thus, having divided a rather complex problem of cellulite removal into its components, we were able to solve each of them step by step. And after about four months, along with a decrease in fat reserves, women began to notice clear progress in this difficult battle. A year later, cellulite disappeared completely and has not appeared since then. We are very happy about this.

Of course, there are not so radical, but more comfortable methods of supposedly fighting cellulite: massages, creams, body wraps. But all of them, to the delight of the owners of beauty parlors, are only a temporary measure. But, in any case, the choice is yours. I sincerely hope that my story will be useful for you and will help you get rid of cellulite once and for all. Be beautiful and graceful.

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