Cellulite Causes: Top 3 Mistakes


It may sound strange, but I am very grateful for cellulite. This terrible monster had devoured beautiful female legs and booties before, but a secret, partisan struggle was waged against it. But one day, the beautiful ladies got tired of fighting it underground. To the delight of other men and me, they started to study cellulite causes and filled all the gyms.

Take a look at any of them, and more than half of the visitors will be participants in the anti-cellulite battle. But, alas, not everyone succeeds in winning a decisive victory.

Prior to getting rid of cellulite, let’s discuss its main causes.

Truth about Cellulite

cellulite causes

To my male happiness, cellulite, or as it is also called “orange peel,” is an unpleasant attribute only of female legs, buttocks, and abdomens. And although I heard impudent lies that this defect is beginning to affect the male parts of the body, but I do not believe in it. I think that the monster cosmetology concerns, tired of competing in the exclusively female market, want to expand it and force men to fill their wallets, fighting this ailment.

Therefore, my story today is entirely devoted to the topic of international women’s fight against cellulite in legs and other body parts. But before fighting the enemy, it is necessary to know more about it. And while collecting a dossier on it, I managed to find out some unexpectedly interesting facts. Let’s check them out!

Fact 1. Everyone has cellulite

According to statistics, cellulite affects the most important parts of the body in almost 90% of the fair sex. And the absence of body fat is not a panacea in this case.

Orange Peel has been spotted on the beautiful priests of Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, and the ever-young Paris Hilton. But most of them don’t worry about it at all. After all, injecting botox or inserting silicone implants is much easier than getting rid of depressions and bumps on your skin.

Fact 2. Cellulite is not a disease

The World Health Organization does not consider this skin defect to be a disease. These heartless fiends claim that it does not affect life expectancy (well, what can they know about this?) And the physiological functions of the body. Thus, the question of how to get rid of cellulite/cellulite removal/cellulite treatment from the field of disinterested scientific medicine smoothly flows into purely commercial cosmetology.

Fact 3. Until 1920, no one knew about cellulite causes

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This phenomenon was first awarded by the attention of doctors in France in 1920. They also coined the term “orange peel.” But since these Aesculapians did not understand anything about female beauty, they believed that the bumps and depressions on the surface of female skin were a normal, natural phenomenon inherent in most women.

The beginning of the struggle against cellulite began in 1973, when a certain Nicole Ronsard, the owner of a New York beauty salon, wrote the book Cellulite.

In her work, she described a 10-day diet that supposedly helps solve this problem. And in addition to the book, she began to offer various cosmetic services on this topic in her salon, invented by her. It was this brilliant woman who introduced the word “cellulite” into use. She called it “toxic waste fat.”

But when the advertising of the book needed a model girl who, with her perfect skin, would confirm the effectiveness of the methodology outlined in the book, a problem arose. Because all the models invited for the photo session had cellulite. And only 31st girl did not have it. It was her image that graced the cover of the book. Fighting what was once considered normal has earned Miss Ronsard millions of dollars.

Top 3 Cellulite Causes


If we go to the purely technical reasons for the emergence of this unpleasant (according to glossy magazines) phenomenon and look at them with an unclouded male gaze, then there will be basically three problems:

Excess adipose tissue and decreased skin firmness

Fat deposits stored by the body nourish the fibers of the connective tissue. But since in the beautiful half of humanity, they are located vertically, then in the places of their attachment to the surface of the skin, depressions are formed, and in places of absence – bulges. This is how the visual effect of cellulite is created. On top of that, the quality of our skin deteriorates with age, and this further contributes to this problem.

Features of the female body

Our body does not read glossy magazines and does not follow fashion trends. Therefore, it regards each female as a potential mother and begins to store fat in reserve, as a source of nutrients in case of pregnancy.

No, the body lovingly tamping its bins, intricately decorated with cellulite, precisely on women’s hips, buttocks and stomach. And since, every year, the metabolism slows down, it becomes more and more difficult to get rid of fat deposits.

Sedentary lifestyle

cellulite thighs

It is no coincidence that the body stops its choice on these parts of the beautiful female body. It understands that in the realities of modern sedentary life, these segments (thighs, stomach, etc.) are the least mobile, and therefore fat deposits will be there in maximum safety.

Some “super-experts” in cosmetology also say that this problem arises under the influence of poor heredity, hormonal disruption, and as a result of stress. And the most frostbitten ones argue that cellulite is a secondary sex characteristic, so its absence should not please, but alarming.

But to my sensitive male ear, all these versions sound the same as: “We do not know what the cellulite causes are and why this defect actually occurs, but this is not cured. Therefore, give money!

Cellulite is a completely natural process. And if it were not for the money-hungry cosmetology companies, we still considered the “orange peel” to be absolutely normal.

Cellulite Causes: Takeaway

cellulite in legs

Merciless fashion dictates its own cruel laws, so all women are eager to get rid of cellulite. My girlfriend also wanted to. Therefore, I had to draw up a plan of tactical and strategic actions to combat this flaw and launch cellulite reduction. And in theory, everything looked pretty simple. So, we have three real problems:

  • it slows down metabolism and increases fat stores;
  • deterioration of blood supply to certain muscle regions: buttocks, hips, and abdomen;
  • this is an age-related decrease in the level of collagen in the body, which makes the skin less elastic and dense.

In other words, if we find a solution for each of them – we get rid of cellulite.

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