Boost Your Gains With Staggered Sets

staggered sets

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The principle of staggered sets involves the execution of the set on small muscle group during rest between two working sets on one muscle group (MG) or exercises. The use of staggered sets can reduce the training time and (or) conduct muscle specialization, increasing the amount of training load on the lagging muscle.

Staggered sets and productivity

For staggered sets, it is rational to choose stubborn small muscles, or those for which there is not enough time in the training program and usually these are the calf, trapezius, neck and forearms. We note that it is impossible to include muscles biomechanically connected with the main trained group, for example, triceps with pectoralis, in such sets.

How to apply?

We know that between working sets, depending on the intensity of the load, the rest time can be from 1 to 5 or more minutes and it is extremely irrational to passively rest it. For example, after the set of squats with a barbell, 1-2 sets to the forearms are performed, then another set of squats and again the staggered set and so on for the whole training. Agree that such a technique will not negatively affect the restoration of tired muscles of the hips or other muscles that are trained on this day.

staggered sets principle
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Harm or benefit?

The question arises, but will not it reduce the effectiveness of the main trained muscles and is the volume of staggered sets sufficient to stimulate their growth?

Of course, if due to the use of SSs, the overall performance decreases during training of the main muscles and it cannot be compensated by increasing the calorie intake, then this method is out of place.

The total volume of staggered sets usually corresponds to the recommended by scientists 6-12 sets per MG per week.

Carefully looking at this form of organization of the training process, the elements of circuit training are visible, but with a limited set of exercises.

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