Best Protein Powder for Lean Muscles – Choosing Guide

best protein powder for lean muscles

Protein powder is a popular sports supplement. Gym trainers tend to introduce it into the diet of novice athletes immediately. And that’s not surprising as far as the best protein powder for lean muscles is the right way to an aesthetic body.

However, it is only effective when combined with the right training regimen. Before consuming protein powder, it is very important to determine the product category, the time of its assimilation, and its effect on the body.

Let’s see how to choose the best protein powder for lean muscles!

What Is Protein Powder For

What Is Protein Powder For

Before buying a protein supplement, it is important to understand that while exercising in the gym, the body’s need for protein increases dramatically. However, the modern rhythm of life does not allow us to provide our body with a sufficient amount of high-quality protein only from food. Therefore, its additional intake in the form of sports goods is absolutely justified and even necessary.

The diet of novice athletes who want to gain weight without becoming fat must be supplemented with high-quality protein sports nutrition. It contains essential amino acids that stimulate protein synthesis, protect muscles from destruction, and significantly accelerate muscle tissue hypertrophy.

Types of The Best Protein Powder for Lean Muscles

  • Egg – is pure albumin, which is well accepted and contains a maximum of useful amino acids. Best for gaining muscle mass;
  • Whey protein – is a pure protein that is obtained during the production of rennet cheeses. The main advantage of the ingredient is the irreplaceable BCAA in the composition. This sports supplement is presented in three different modifications: concentrate, isolate, hydrolyzate. It is quickly absorbed, therefore it is recommended to use it immediately after training in order to quickly restore the spent energy reserves of the body and start the process of gaining muscle mass;
  • Casein – is a “slow” type of protein. It prevents sudden surges in sugar, protects against complex catabolic processes during the night. The alternative for people with egg and whey allergies. Ideal for those who are losing weight;
  • Beef. Refers to fast protein mixes. It is made from beef by deep filtration. Due to this, it has a high protein content and does not contain fat and cholesterol. Designed for people who cannot absorb lactose;
  • Dairy – is a popular solution that is not suitable for people with lactose intolerance;
  • Plant – is the best alternative for vegetarians. But, despite the relatively balanced composition, such a protein does not cover all the body’s needs that are necessary for normal muscle growth;
  • Pea. It is made from peas. Just like soy, it is popular with vegetarians. It has a protein content of up to 90% and is absorbed very quickly. Pea protein is usually made without chemical solvents and is available without flavorings;
  • Complex. This type of protein mixture is a complex of several types of proteins with varying degrees of assimilation. From quick whey to slow casein. Thanks to this, the body receives protein replenishment for several hours.

Proteins are different: slow and fast, one-component and complex, animal and vegetable, expensive and cheap.

A beginner needs to be thoughtful when choosing a protein for gaining mass because a protein supplement is the basis of a sports nutrition matrix. The final effect of training in the form of muscle growth and their quality largely depends on this choice.

How to Choose The Best Protein Powder for Lean Muscles

The universal method is to consult with a sensible fitness trainer before buying. They will select the type of protein mixture for your physique, goals, age, and metabolism.

Terms of Protein Consumption

protein powder for shakes

Usually, protein mixtures are available in powder form, which allows you to comfortably prepare delicious cocktails based on it. But if you wish, you can choose protein snacks from the company’s catalog – snacks with a share of carbohydrates that can be consumed in the post-workout period for a full-fledged mass gain process.

And here are the rules to follow when taking the best protein powder for lean muscles:

  • Drink plenty of water during exercise and throughout the day; eat plenty of raw vegetables;
  • If you are an ectomorph by the physique, eat protein after training in combination with complex carbohydrates;
  • Do not knead the protein shake in advance, prepare it immediately before drinking;
  • Take the supplement within 30 minutes of completing a workout in the gym and in the morning immediately after waking up;
  • Let the protein infuse 3-5 minutes after making the shake, so it tastes better and is better absorbed.
How to Take Protein Powder: Dosage/Goals

It is a mistake to believe that pure protein alone is enough for muscle growth. The desired result can be achieved only with an integrated approach and balanced nutrition. The daily protein intake for an adult man is 2-3 grams per kilogram of body weight during the period of weight gain. Against the background of weight loss training, this figure may even be higher.

Fast protein is best taken before and after exercise. To do this, dilute the powder in any liquid (water, milk). Try not to combine it with juices and other sugary drinks so as not to overdoes calories.

Casein or other slow protein should be taken before bed to prevent catabolic activity. Your muscles will be nourished and will accordingly grow, even when you sleep.

On non-training days, the dosage can be reduced by adhering to a pre-agreed meal plan.


best protein powder for weight loss for women

Do not chase after cheapness. Avaricious pays twice!

Choose only high-quality, certified products from trusted online stores. Choosing a protein supplement wisely can save you money and dramatically accelerate muscle growth.

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