Best Fruits for Weight Loss + Berries

Fruits Good for Weight Loss

On the path to building your dream figure, one of the key conditions is to have a properly balanced diet. And in the summertime, supplementing your diet with fresh fruit is perfect. But which fruits for weight loss are the most efficient?

Are There Fruits for Weight Loss?

fruits for weight loss

Of course!

In addition to their excellent taste and filling your body with a complex of useful elements, fruits are excellent in helping to lose weight.

Also, they give the skin a healthy color and elasticity.

In this article, we will analyze in detail which fruits contribute to weight loss and which, on the contrary, should be consumed in moderation.

Fruits for Weight Loss – the Main Value of the Diet

First of all, we should note the maximum natural composition of this product group. Indeed, due to the absence of the need for heat treatment, your body receives all the necessary nutrients in full.

Also, do not forget that most fruits and berries, possessing rather modest kilocalories, are excellent catalysts for the breakdown of body fat and contribute to cellulite prevention.

And finally, healthy fruits for weight loss, in addition to their dietary value, are a wonderful source of “hormones of joy” due to the content of serotonin in their composition. And this is another significant plus in this difficult period for most, when we are stressed by the lack of our favorite foods in the diet.

Science about Best Fruits and Berries for Weight Loss

Berries for Weight Loss

Harvard weight loss tip: eat more fruits and berries!

If you want to lose those extra pounds, increase your intake of fruits, berries, and non-starchy vegetables.

According to a 2015 epidemiological study from Harvard University published in the journal PLoS Medicine, such a shift in your diet makes you slightly slimmer.

Do Fruits and Berries Help You Lose Weight: a Study

The researchers used data collected from the Nursing Health Study [NHS] 1 and 2, as well as the follow-up Health Care Workers Study [HPFS].

Thus, they received data from 133,468 highly educated Americans who were followed from 1986 to 2010.

The researchers examined the associations between changes in consumption of specific fruits and vegetables recorded on dietary questionnaires completed every 4 years and self-reported weight changes in 133,468 American men and women followed for 24 years.

After adjusting for self-reported changes in other lifestyle factors that can affect weight, such as smoking and physical activity, increased consumption of fruits and several vegetables was inversely associated with 4-year weight change.

Thus, an increase in total fruit intake was associated with a -0.53 lb change in weight over a 4-year interval (0.24 kg weight loss) for each additional daily serving, and an increase in total vegetable intake was associated with a weight change of – 0.25 lb (-0.11 kg) for each additional daily serving.

However, increased consumption of starchy vegetables such as corn, peas, and potatoes has been associated with weight gain.

Apples and Pears – Best Fruits for Weight Loss


Further, when the researchers subdivided the findings, looking at specific types of fruits and vegetables separately, they found that increased consumption of berries, apples, and pears was associated with the greatest weight loss:

“These data suggest that increased consumption of fruits and non-starchy vegetables is inversely associated with weight changes and that different fruits and vegetables have different effects on weight. The increased intake benefits were greater for fruits than vegetables and stronger for berries, apples/pears, tofu/soybeans, cauliflower, cruciferous and leafy greens.”

Conclusion of Scientists on the Use of Fruits and Berries on a Diet

“In these three large cohorts, increases in all fruits and most vegetables were not associated with weight gain,” the researchers write.

“Although the magnitude of the weight change associated with each increase in daily serving was modest, the combination of an increase of one to two servings of vegetables and one to two servings of fruit per day would be associated with significant weight changes, especially when projected at the population level.” [1]

Not many studies have looked at weight gain for specific fruits and vegetables.

For example, two studies analyzed interventions that included apples, pears, and grapefruit, all of which were found to be beneficial in the above-described population.

Both studies showed that increased consumption led to weight loss. Women who ate apples or pears 3 times a day for 12 weeks lost an average of 2.6 pounds [2], while men and women who consumed three halves of a grapefruit daily for 6 weeks lost an average of 1.3 pounds [3].

In addition to its polyphenol and soluble fiber content, fruit can help maintain or achieve a healthy weight if it replaces less healthy desserts and snacks [4].

Important Moment

Despite the advantages listed above, some fruits may not only be ineffective for getting rid of extra centimeters but also give a reverse reaction due to the high-calorie content and low rate of breakdown of body fat.

Therefore, fruits for weight loss and fat removal should be considered as the main elements in your diet.

Fruits Good for Weight Loss – The Full List


Having familiarized yourself with the advantages and possible disadvantages, you can safely move on to information about which fruits for weight loss will be most effective in your case. And for this, we will provide a brief detailed analysis of the most popular fruits, of which you will only have to choose the most suitable option.

Citrus group

In addition to high immuno-strengthening properties, fruits such as:

  • Pomelo;
  • Grapefruit;
  • Lemon;
  • Orange;
  • Mandarin.

have an extremely low-calorie content (up to 40 kcal per 100 grams) and contribute to eliminating water from the body.

A separate bonus is the year-round availability of these products on the shelves.



The key advantage of this option can be safely called the pear’s ability to remove toxins harmful to effective metabolism and health in particular. Thus, accelerating the overall process of losing weight.



Moderate consumption of green kiwi (up to 45 Kcal per 100 grams) is an excellent solution to maintain the necessary balance of beneficial micro and macro elements during the diet, which includes:

  • Zinc;
  • Calcium;
  • Magnesium;
  • Potassium.

Also, this fruit is saturated with vitamins of groups B and C, which helps to maintain muscle tone. And the presence of fiber plays a major role in the effective process of burning unnecessary body fat.

Green Apple

Green Apple

An excellent source of natural antioxidants that reduce the risk of developing diseases such as asthma and diabetes perfectly satisfies hunger and thirst.

And due to its easy digestibility by the digestive tract, it is ideal as an evening snack. The maximum calorie content of the product does not exceed 46 Kcal.



Regular use of fresh apricot fruits in the diet (up to 45 Kcal per 100 grams) has a beneficial preventive effect and is recommended by doctors for people prone to thyroid diseases. Among other things, it significantly improves the work of the intestines to remove toxins.


A tropical guest from hot countries contains about 49 Kcal and is ideally combined with diets that contain foods containing animal protein, compensating for the high calorie content with a high level of useful metabolism.


However, when working with already existing fatty deposits, it is unfortunately not as effective. Therefore, when planning a diet, do not place a high stake on the fact that it is the most suitable fruit for losing weight on the belly.

Helpful Hints

  1. Dried fruits have a significantly higher calorie content for the same 100 grams of the product. Heat treatment can also affect changes in these indicators.
  2. It is also worth considering that the use of exotic and unfamiliar fruits for your body can have allergic consequences.
  3. Having current complications in the body’s work, be sure to consult with a professional nutritionist and find out which fruits help you lose weight in your particular case.

And finally, do not forget that in order to obtain the desired result, in addition to a properly selected diet, you must not forget about regular physical activity, which not only accelerates the process but also makes your body strong, fit, and slim.


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