Anna Nystrom: Instagram, Diet and Workout Routine

Anna Nystrom

IG: @annanystrom

Anna Nystrom is a charming fitness model with a body that can make anyone fall in love with her. The combination of her physical and intellectual character has brought her worldwide fame.

At the time of writing (October 2020), Anna Nystrom Instagram profile counts 8,4 million subs.

This is an amazing story of how Anna Nystrom managed to turn from an ordinary young girl into a successful person who became one of the personifications of fitness.

Let’s see her way to success!


Anna Nystrom (Anna Nyström) is a fitness model, blogger, and photographer from Sweden. She managed to win a huge number of Instagram fans thanks to her uniqueness and lifestyle, which she is happy to share with her followers.

Personal data

Date of BirthJune 19, 1992
Place of BirthStockholm, Sweden
Height155 cm
Weight54 kg
Family statusSingle
Chest87 cm
Waist61 cm
Hips94 cm

Childhood and Youth

Anna Nystrom was born on June 19, 1992, in the Swedish capital – Stockholm. Little is known about the childhood, family, and education of the Internet star.

Swedish beauty does not often talk about childhood but mentions that she was a sickly child. That’s not surprising as the Internet is full of queries like “Anna Nystrom illness.” Exactly this circumstance prompted her to go in for sports.

Growing up, she always had a passion for photography and painting, so she manages to be creative on social media. She saw this as a great opportunity. Her creative side is often seen in the workout videos she uploads.


Anna has been fond of sports since childhood, tried herself in football and powerlifting, but before fitness, she remained painful and lethargic. Sometimes the girl could not find the strength to get out of bed and slept all day, so she firmly decided that she wanted to change.

When the star began to make her first successes in sports, she created a page on Instagram, where she posted photos from workouts and shared tips on a healthy lifestyle, becoming one of the first “fit babies” on the Internet.

Nystrom set out to show fans that a strong body is the result of work that requires mental and physical effort. The girl’s motive for overcoming difficulties was the desire to become healthy and strong and to forget about those days when she felt helpless.

Anna Nystrom Instagram Profile and YouTube

In 2016, the student completed her studies at Sports Club Education and became a licensed fitness trainer.

In December of that year, Nystrom created an account for the nature photos she took.

Anna has collected a huge number of fans on Instagram. At the moment, there are already more than 8 million fans.

Not surprisingly, the page’s audience soon began to grow because the blogger figure became the best motivation for women to take advice. Anna has almost ideal parameters 87-61-94 cm and weighs 52-54 kg with a height of 155 cm.

Many men find themselves among the fans of the star. They were attracted by the provocative pictures of the girl in which she appeared in underwear or in a swimsuit.

The fashion model began to shine in advertising for sportswear, equipment, and nutrition regularly. Thanks to this, the blogger’s income increased, and she decided to travel more, posting photos from the beaches on Instagram.

Despite the fact that Anna is a personal trainer by education, she works mainly as a model. Nystrom already managed to collaborate with such brands as

  • Daniel Wellington,
  • Kapten & Son,
  • Belissas,
  • Lush,
  • SkinnyMint Tea,
  • Workout Empire.

In addition to her main Instagram profile, Anna also has a YouTube channel which counts 122 thousand fans. There she began posting vlogs and training videos, showing fans the correct exercise technique and sharing interesting facts from her biography.

Personal Life of Anna Nystrom

In 2015, photos with fitness blogger Ida Warg often appeared on the girl’s profile, which is why fans assumed that the woman was her mother, but the information was not confirmed. In her Instagram account, the celebrity shared information that she has twin sisters.

The model does not hide information about her personal life from subscribers: she is not married and has no children. Nystrom dated blogger Ako Rahim, but the union soon fell apart, and Anna decided to try her luck on a dating app.

A guy named Richard appeared in the life of a star, who is a military man. He does not belong to active users of social networks and does not maintain a page on Instagram, occasionally appearing in photos and videos with his beloved.

The couple’s first date took place in a cafe. The young lady asked the young man a lot of questions, wanting to get to know him better, but he was silent and answered in monosyllables, which is why the girl decided that he did not like her.

Then they met again – Nystrom invited Richard to her gym equipped with an obstacle course. During a joint training, the guy held Anna by the hand, helping to get around obstacles, and she realized that she was falling in love.

In the video for the Instagram account, the model admitted to the subscribers that in the future, she wants to marry the chosen one and give birth to children. Also, the celebrity suggested that they would have twins because her family has a predisposition for this.

In 2020, Nystrom remains among the popular fitness bloggers, whose success is followed by millions of subscribers on Instagram. Now the girl regularly updates her profile, sharing beautiful photos and informative videos with fans.

Interesting Facts about Anna Nystrom

  • Anna loved dogs since childhood, but she was not allowed to have a pet at home. As Nystrom grew older, she acquired a Chihuahua named Lea.
  • The blogger admits that she loves to eat very much, but treats food selectively. The girl prefers natural products, but sometimes she allows herself “unhealthy” goodies in small quantities.
  • From an early age, the model was afraid of heights. To overcome her fear, she decided on a parachute jump.
  • Nystrom is interested in everything related to creativity. She draws talentedly. In her youth, she dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist. But since the girl does not want to apply drawings to her body, she decided that clients would not treat her seriously. Consequently, instead, she took up blogging.
  • The model prefers to be photographed in sports leggings or tight jeans, showing elastic buttocks. The star does not cross the line of light eroticism and occasionally pleases the audience with pictures in a bikini.
  • Anna claims that her best body part is her buttocks. This is confirmed by her videos, with hard workouts, which she posts on her social media accounts, and which even many men cannot handle.

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