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Anderson Daronco

On June 17, 2021, Uruguay and Ecuador met at the America’s Cup. Luis Suarez & co did everything to discuss only their game – they confidently won with a score of 4:0, but there was one man on the field who could outshine even the stellar attack of the Uruguayan national team. Anderson Daronco is a Brazilian ref with biceps and triceps like the son of my mothers friend has.

He briskly pacifies any hot-tempered player (even if it is a hot Latin American), does not skimp on yellow and red cards, and at the same time no one argues with him.

Anderson Daronco Bio

Anderson Daronco (Santa Maria, January 5, 1981) is a Brazilian soccer referee. He has already worked as a referee in the Campeonato Gaúcho, the Copa do Nordeste, the Campeonato Brasileiro and the Copa do Brasil.

Anderson Daronco played handball from ten to twenty-one.[2] In 1998 he entered the Faculty of Physical Education.[3] He took a referee course at the Gaucho Football Federation.[4] He ended his career as a Physical Education teacher to devote more time to refereeing.[2]

On October 30, 2014, he was chosen to join the FIFA Referee List, becoming the third Gaucho member of this Board, along with Leandro Pedro Vuaden.[5][6] Daronco revealed that he wants to participate in the WC. He was quoted for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. [4]

Personal Data

Full NameJuiz Anderson Daronco Sósia
Date of BirthJanuary 5, 1981
Place of BirthSanta Maria, Brazil
Family statusMarried

First Hype Around Anderson Daronco

During the 2018 Rio Grande do Sul championship, a photo and false news involving Daronco went viral. To deny the rumor, the newspaper GaúchaZH contacted Professor Robert Tietzman, coordinator of the research group ViDiCa Cultural Cultura Audiovisual Digital at PUCRS, who presented in a video five “grotesque” errors between the original and the fake photo.[7] In January 2019, Daronco reported that the director of the Veranópolis team, Ademir Bertoglio, uttered several insults against the referee team during the game. Later, a fan wearing a Veranópilos shirt invaded the locker room, cursed and threatened the referees with death.[8]

The Court of Sports Justice of Rio Grande do Sul (TJD-RS) studied denouncing the VEC due to threats directed at the arbitrators.[9] In an article written for GauchaZH, Diori Vasconcelos said that there are no reasons to justify the threats directed at referees and that some strong measure should be taken by the Gaucho Football Federation.

Things went beyond all limits, not only because of what happened in Veranópolis. We are experiencing a Gauchão in which the president of Pelotas was punched in the face of a ‘fan.’ What else will need to happen for action to be taken? “[10]

In July 2019 it is one of the themes of a series of parodies by Marcelo Adnet, “Soy loco por Copa América”, from Rede Globo, which addressed the fact that the referee does not accept insults and his athletic bearing,[11] which made him stay known as the “strong referee“.[2] In August 2019, Daronco stopped a game between Vasco da Gama and São Paulo due to homophobic screams uttered by the Vasco fans. The posture was praised by the Brazilian Football Confederation.[12][13] It was the first time that a football match was interrupted in Brazil due to homophobic chants.[14]

Later, Daronco explained that the attitude of stopping the game “is not something in my head. We have an orientation in this direction. (…) we don’t just stick to a homophobic chant, there’s a whole issue involving racism, or facts that (Sic) can incite violence, such as banners in the field and xenophobic chants“.[15]

On August 30, 2020, in the Grêmio vs. Caxias game, comments about Daronco’s physical bearing went viral on social media, gaining repercussion in the Spanish-language press.[16][17][18]

Players Show Only Respect to Anderson Daronco

hulk and daronco
Daronco and the biggest player in Brazil (Hulk)

In the same match mentioned in the intro, Daronco showed a red card to Ecuadorian footballer Jose Quintero already in the 22nd minute. He drove his elbow on the head of Nicholas Lodeiro, for which he first saw a yellow one in front of him, but after watching VAR (video assistant referree), Anderson canceled his decision and sent out the player.

Quintero did not say a word, nor did his teammates. Jose simply bowed his head and left the field perilously.

At the Colombia – Chile match, Daronco was the fourth referee, so he simply could not show his full potential. But by this time he had already served 19 matches in 2019. He showed 98 yellow cards (twice issued 10 per match) and 9 red cards.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) in 2014 could not pass by such an authoritative referee and accepted him into its ranks, and in 2015 Daronco was recognized as the best referee of the Brazilian Championship, whose matches he mainly serves.

Secret Behind Daronco’s Physique

Daronco is a machine with a height of 1.88 meters and a weight of 90 kg. He says that he eats a lot of meat, but until recently he was dieting and trying to lose weight. The result is a few lost pounds under the supervision of fitness coaches.

I don’t like to show off my physique in order to gain the respect of the players. Respect depends on the relationship with the players and the literacy of the decisions. I don’t pay much attention to what they say about my body. But I know that they call me a “strong ref,” says Daronco.

It’s funny, but such a bright character does not have a single workout video: no bench press, no biceps curls, nothing at all, but he has an Instagram page!

He said that his passion for the sport made him muscular, but that was not his intention. In 2017 he reached 90kg, after losing around 3 or 4kg, accepting the advice of committees and physical instructors who guided him to reduce the extra weight to avoid problems in his career in the short and long term.[2]

He is able to run 40 meters in less than six seconds and trains almost every day.[2]

But the love for heavy exercise, apparently, was born in him from the time of his studies at the physical culture institute. He also became a ref because of it: he went to courses and learned to be a referee. However, in his youth he was fond of handball.

Personal Life

His wife is called Luciane Daronco. He has two children, Arthur and Hector Daronco.[19] Anderson Daronco does not expose his personal life to the public, due to the risks of work.[20] He was born and resides in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul. [2] He was close to his Physical Education students, who died in the Fire at the Kiss nightclub in 2013. [2]

His annual salary was around 100 thousand reais in 2015[21] and 84 thousand in 2017.[22]

Daronco said he is “in favor of all kinds of technology that make decisions fairer and that don’t harm anyone’s work.“[2]

Now Daronco is one of the top stars of the Copa America.

Looking forward to his tutorials on how to prepare for the next summer?

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