Alcohol When Dieting. What Are Alcohol Effects on Diet

Alcohol when dieting

Have you heard that one feast with a drink of alcohol negates the results from one or even more strength training? Of course, you heard. But have you ever asked where did this invaluable information come from? Well, of course, from the Internet and the computer, which is in the corridor next to the pan. Only from there such myths about alcohol when dieting can be produced.

We asked a professional fitness trainer about alcohol when dieting. He started thinking about this topic with memories. Any trainer who has worked for at least a few years has such thoughts. So, for his 20 years of work, he had a dozen clients who drank almost every day. Yes – these were good drinks and relatively moderate doses, but one way or another, those who had a short training experience added about 6-8 kg of muscle mass per year, not body fat, namely muscles. They even did empty stomach cardio.

According to this theory – all their training went to empty, and if they did not drink, then they probably would have gained 20 kg. We emphasize that we are opposed to the regular or frequent use of alcohol and its negative impact on health – this is a proven fact, but we are talking about a single take of moderate doses.

Science about alcohol when dieting

alcohol on a diet

Well, okay with practice, but what does science say? It turns out that there is a whole resource called the “Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs“, so almost all studies have shown no negative impact on performance, recovery, strength, and muscle structures – once taken up to 1.4 g / kg ethanol.

Many functional and strength indicators were compared before, during, and after training. How do you ask? One hand was trained to be sober, and the other day – before or after drinking 0.5 g / kg of weight, and also no difference.

We remind you that they did not investigate the effect of co-drinking alcohol with strength training on CVS or other organs. Here the picture is different and again, depending on the doses.

There is even a study of the effects of sleepless nights and alcohol consumption on neuromuscular activity in healthy men. There was a small failure in strength, which is not surprising.

All studies suggest that there is a dose-dependent effect on alcohol consumption. Adhere to moderation and do not get tired of the lost muscles after the stormy feast. And may muscle mass come with us.