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Every one of us has their own idea of ​​harmony and aesthetics. For some, the standard of male beauty is the muscle mass of Marcus Rühl, and for others, more modest volumes of Simeon Panda. But, unfortunately, not everything depends on us, the genetic potential dictates its own laws. The shape of our muscles is a determining factor in an ideal body; we cannot change it. But we are fully capable of making ourselves more harmonious, proportional, and balanced. It is only necessary to improve the lagging muscle groups, turning their disadvantages into advantages. And for this, there is a great aesthetic body program – specialization of lagging muscles.

Specialization – Key Aesthetic Body Program

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The times when large biceps and a huge chest were enough to win the competition, the title of champion and advertising contracts have already passed. Outrageous muscle mass, coupled with a bubble gut, you will not surprise anyone. The true mistress of iron sports, the global fitness industry, dictates its own laws. In fashion, balance, symmetry, ideal proportions, as well as muscle mass, to a reasonable extent.

And therefore, Instagram stars, like Lazar Angelov or Bradley Martin, who managed to create perfect bodies with moderate muscle volumes, earn more than huge bodybuilding stars. Ulysses Williams earns, according to rumors, up to $40,000 a year as a passive income from advertising placed on his accounts. Without any efforts! And everything because many of us want to look the same. Their muscle mass does not seem transcendent and quite achievable to us. And they have no weaknesses. Not a single one.

Takeaway: You can already earn on aesthetic bodybuilding without putting your health on the altar of victory in pursuit of huge muscle mass. It is only necessary to build an aesthetic body without lagging muscle groups and be able to monetize the result.

Where do lagging body parts come from?

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Looking at myself in the mirror, I understand perfectly well that I am still very far from possessing the perfect body. But the transformation process itself is much more important for me than the final result.

In pursuit of increasing muscle volume, I realized one thing – a straightforward increase in weights in basic exercises, can’t help you.

To create an ideal body, you need thoughtful and painstaking work on each individual muscle group. And then it will not matter what kind of muscle mass the rest have, against their background, I will still look like a champion. In my opinion, lagging muscle groups appear for three reasons:

  • Genetic predisposition. One muscle grows better, others worse. And bodybuilding stars are no exception, look at the modest shins of Johnny Jackson, the narrow chest of Phil Heath, or the sloping shoulders of Schwarzenegger.
  • Overtraining. Often, this problem is a direct consequence of the first point. Fixing a clear skew in the muscle mass, and noticing the lag of some muscle group, we begin to pump it harder. And thereby driving it into overtraining. This happens especially often with biceps. I did it myself.
  • Training stereotype. According to the canons of bodybuilding, while training, the large muscle group is trained first and then goes the small one. For example, the back, and then the biceps. But having spent all your energy on performing heavy exercises for a large and strong back, we simply do not have the strength to adequately work out small biceps. And if you start training with them, then tired biceps and forearms will not allow you to seriously work out your back.
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Each of these problems, one by one, looks like a serious reason for the appearance of a stable bias in building an ideal body. But, as a rule, they pull us back together, reinforcing the negative effect of each other. And here comes the time for the best aesthetic body program – specialization.

Note: Before embarking on an enhanced and focused training of a particular muscle group, you need to practice at least a year in the gym. Create a muscle corset, do old, boring, hard basic exercises, and gain muscle mass. And before the start of the period of specialization, it is necessary to conduct a real inventory just because it is not a fact that those muscles that seem to be lagging behind are such.

Takeaway: Before you think about the specialization of lagging muscles, you just need to work hard for the mass, paying special attention to the progress.

How to spot that muscles are lagging behind in development?

Method #1

To understand how your physique is still far from ideal, you can look at the proportionality table, created on the basis of measurements of the magnificent marble statue of David, the work of Michelangelo Buonarotti. And armed with a centimeter ruler, take measurements of your own body.


In terms of muscle mass, the work of the ingenious Italian sculptor is clearly not up to the standards accepted in bodybuilding. But in its proportions, there is aesthetics and beauty of physique.

Muscle Ratio ProportionExample
Chest/pelvis 10:9With a girth of 100 cm, the circumference of the pelvis should be 90 cm
Chest/neck 10:3.8With a chest circumference of 100 cm, neck circumference should be 38 cm
Chest/waist 10:7.5With a chest circumference of 100 cm, the waist should be 75 cm
Chest/forearms 10:3With a chest circumference of 100 cm, the circumference of the forearms should be 30 cm
Pelvis/thigh 10:6With a pelvis girth of 100 cm, the circumference of the thigh should be 60 cm
Thigh/lower leg 10:4With a thigh volume of 60 cm, the circumference of the lower leg should be 40 cm
Biceps/lower leg/neck 1: 1: 1These three muscle groups should have the same circumference

If you look at real bodybuilders and analyze their parameters, it turns out that Arnold Schwarzenegger was most like David. Its proportions were very close to ideal, except for chest to waist ratio.

A chest with a volume of 145 cm did not correspond to its narrow waist of 87 cm. By the way, the same “defect” becomes noticeable when analyzing the volumes of Ulysses Williams, or as he is called, an ideal bodybuilder. The ratio of his chest to the waist is even better than that of David himself.

Method #2

This method of collecting analytical information is more modern and advanced. To get an assessment of others and a lot of free tips, you need to post your photos on the forum of bodybuilders and on social networks with a request to evaluate the level of development of individual muscle groups. For all its seeming subjectivity, such a method of collecting data can provide serious food for thought.

When the information is received and analyzed, it is time to build the algorithm of your personal aesthetic body program. But, so that specialized training does not drive the body even deeper into the abyss of stagnation, you need to be careful:

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  • Conduct specialized training only for one muscle group at a time. If you have the crazy idea of ​​working on two goals at once, this is a sure sign that you simply do not have enough total muscle mass, and it’s not the time to start specialization.
  • Increased attention to the lagging muscle group should be accompanied by a decrease in the load on the remaining groups. Training them, as before, will fail. But in order to maintain the built muscle volumes, it is more often necessary to do basic, multi-joint exercises. They, unlike isolated movements, load a larger number of muscle fibers.
  • The main engine of muscle gain is stress. For specialization to have a greater effect, the load on the lagging body part before the start of the process must be reduced. Train it for two or three weeks in a maintenance mode, and then increase the load dramatically. As practice shows, a rested muscle group responds to training much better.
  • Do not forget that the process of specialization is, first of all, a gaining of muscle mass by lagging muscle groups. The best period for this is the offseason. Gaining muscle mass while dieting and struggling with excess body fat will not work.
  • The optimal aesthetic body program for lagging muscles is 8 weeks. Super trainer Charles Glass advises to limit the period of specialization to two months, and you should always listen to his recommendations.

Types of aesthetic body program

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Speaking specifically about the process of specialization, there are several options. You need to use them gradually. And move from a simple way to a more complex one, trying to get the most out of each of them.

  • Simplest. Training should begin with a lagging muscle group. In this case, it is important to draw up a weekly training program carefully, taking into account the accents.
  • More difficult. Allocate a separate training day to work on the lagging muscle group. This means that the volume of work performed should be significantly increased.
  • The most difficult. Train lagging muscles twice a week. With this option, the difficulty lies in maintaining parity between specialization and overtraining. An ideal option would be to conduct two multidirectional workouts. For example, one day to conduct training using heavy, basic exercises with a range of repetitions of 7-9. And after a couple of days to complete a set of isolated exercises performed in the amount of 15-20 repetitions.

I had an opportunity to read about a super-complex specialization program when the lagging muscle group is worked out twice a day, but such crazy training is a topic for a separate article.

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