Activity for the Elderly: Pros and Cons

Activity for the elderly

This article about activity for the elderly is written for those who stopped caring about themselves and were going to be healthy in the next life. ⠀

The causes of age-related atrophy (sarcopenia) of skeletal muscles have been studied by scientists quite well. So what happens to the muscles?

Dying muscles of aged people

For adults, a change in muscle mass occurs primarily due to a change in the cross-section of muscle fibers or the loss of a certain amount of fiber. In most people, both factors contribute to a decrease in muscle mass as they age. For many, skeletal muscle atrophy is primarily seen after 40 years and almost all after 50 years. Between 50 and 80 years of life, the number of fibers in the broad lateral muscle of the thigh in men decreases from 6 million to 3.23 million fibers.

Agree, now it’s clear why in veteran categories it’s so hard for athletes to maintain massive legs, and the same Schwarzenegger (even before the operation) or Stallone, who obviously use pharmacology do not have meat, those same voluminous muscles.

Benefits of activity for the elderly

muscles of aged people
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Now for the positive. Strength training all over the body and aerobic exercise twice a week revealed an increase in muscle mass in the studies. To combat sarcopenia, scientists have identified four effective nutrients published in a 2011 research paper on this subject. ⠀

  • Protein. Its amount in the diet should be increased. An additional leucine supplement is also recommended.
  • Vitamin D. According to scientists, low levels of vitamin D are associated with sarcopenia.
  • Creatine. In the study, men over 50 showed an increase in strength results and muscle mass.
  • Omega 3. Studies show that consuming omega-3 fatty acids helps increase muscle mass in men over 50. ⠀

Which is logical – scientists consider testosterone levels to be an important factor in the fight against sarcopenia. But don’t think that there is no growth without test hormone. Not through the influence of endogenous testosterone on protein synthesis, but through the quality of life.

Low testosterone – low quality of life – low motivation and performance – low result from training. ⠀

Conclusion. The date in the passport is not a reason to put an end to your ambitions. They just have to be real.

In addition, you have a great chance to get to know first what are the reasons to do (or not to do) complete breaks while on a diet.

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