About TheLionHealth.com

Humanity, as a species has existed for millions of years. Already 100 thousand years ago, from the point of view of science, physiologically, men already had quite a few differences from the modern ones.

But progress in the field of nutrition – the most important area of ​​our life on which its health, quality, and duration depend – is still at the level of knowledge of our ancient ancestors. That’s where the founders of The Lion Health project took their inspiration from.

Who we are and what we do

The Lion Health is a fitness blog about how to simply keep your body in perfect condition, be healthy, live long, lose fat or gain muscle.

Do we still evaluate the benefits of products by their appearance, collect from idle rumors what we consider the knowledge, and believe in sometimes absurd myths? But isn’t it the time to make an evolutionary breakthrough?

Welcome to the world of knowledge and scientific evidence. Let’s take a look at the world of fitness, bodybuilding, and sports with The Lion Health project!

The Lion Health” is a project on a scientific approach to nutrition, training, healthcare, well-being, and sports.

The Lion Health is:

  • Author’s blog on a scientific approach to nutrition, health, and training.
  • Educational community on the web with regular posts of fresh material.
  • Site aggregator of the best scientific articles on nutrition, physiology, and science.

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